Cookie caper

Hey everybody! Squirmy here! On another fabulous Friday! And do you know what day it is? It’s National Sugar Cookie Day. Which doesn’t really mean a whole hill of biscuits to us dogs, since we shouldn’t really eat sugar cookies. But “shouldn’t” is the operative word…. Allow me to tell you a little story about the “good” dog – the Boss. Yup. I’m about to tattle…

So. The other day I went for a walk in the evening with my girlfriend Gina. Which was more successful than the last time we went walking when she was coming into her holiday. Or her season. Or whatever they call it. When she smelled really, really interesting. And I got SO crazy, I nearly exhausted myself on the walk. Anyway, on THIS walk, she smelled all normal – so a good time was had by all.

Now the Boss and Coyote were not all that excited when I went on my walk. Even though they got extra treats. So when we got home, they looked a bit annoyed. My Enforcer noticed that the water bowl was almost empty, so she went into the kitchen to fill it. And she noticed a little piece of plastic wrap on the floor. She picked it up and inspected it, but didn’t see any identifying evidence as to what it was. She examined the counters for evidence of something missing. Nothing misplaced. But then she noticed MORE plastic wrap on the floor. And she remembered what was in it….

Any human treats (like Toffee chunk cookies from the bakery) are stored in the microwave in our house. So no one can steal them. However….My Enforcer had heated something in the microwave before we went on our walk. And in order to do so, she removed the yummy cookies. And she forgot to put them back in….

Now she suspected The Boss – because the Picky Picard isn’t really into sweets. And The Boss looked pretty proud of himself when she said the predictable “who did this” line.

Now if you know My Enforcer, you know how she stresses about us. The cookies were from the bakery, and she figured there was probably nothing in them that could kill The Boss. Or was there? Could the toffee have contained xylitol? Doubtful- but one never knows. Were there raisins in the cookies? No. There weren’t any raisins. At least not that she could remember. Should she make him “give back” the cookies. She could – but that seemed extreme. He seemed fine, but was he panting more? Maybe he needed to go out. Maybe not.

Anyway, after a fairly sleepless night where she woke up every time he moved or snored, the morning arrived and he was fine. Happy. Waggy. Barky. And full of yummy toffee chunk cookies. And thankfully he deposited P3. Picture perfect poop.

So that’s how the good dog went bad. Meanwhile, the Picky Picard ate breakfast yesterday! Hurray!!! So then he didn’t eat supper. Keep those humans guessing. All. The. Time.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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