Yo. Blogees. Elroy here. On what the Imp would call a wonderful Wednesday. It’s kind of all the same to me. Although today is the day I attempt to pee on all the neighbors’ garbage cans while on my walk. Yup- a rather unevenly spaced line-up of vertical surfaces just crying out to be marked with my pee-mail. If only Her Highness would let me…

So. What’s new here at the zoo? Besides living with the mops, who also double as vacuum cleaners, we have some new faces in our home. Well. Not IN our home. Outside our home. Hummingbirds. Those quick moving, chirpy little dudes- who LOVE the new feeder Her Highness put out. As if we didn’t have enough mouths to feed. Those guys empty the thing pretty quickly. And ya know, they’re not the most polite little buzzards. Sure- you see those National Geographic photos with a bunch of hummers at a feeder. Not here. They are pretty territorial. If one is near the feeder, it chases away any newcomer. And makes quite the little racket. Hey- I wonder if the Imp is part hummingbird. He darts like one. He’s territorial. He can make a racket…. Anyway, here’s a few shots of the new addition(s). Who can tell if it’s the same one or not, they move so quickly…

Oh yeah. And speaking of eating, I have decided that for the summer, I shall demonstrate my Picky Picard behavior. For the past number of months, I have eaten everything in both my meals. I don’t always partake in the morning blueberry distribution- that depends how the spirit moves. And I think the whole “licking the yogurt container” is completely ridiculous. BUT – I was eating my meals. Completely. Except for the past three days. I have decided I don’t do breakfast. For now anyway. The first day, Her Highness tried that old trick that humans do to make us canines eat- you add yummy things like cheese to our meal. That didn’t work. So my bowl was removed. And not to worry – I ate every morsel at supper time. The next two days she didn’t bother trying the delectable diversion tactic. She just picked up my bowl and removed it. Again, I ate everything at supper time, and certainly didn’t refuse any treats during the day. Once upon a time, Her Highness would have stressed herself silly worrying about the fact that I didn’t want breakfast. Now she just shrugs her shoulders and chalks it up to a picky Picardism. Now if the mops didn’t want to eat – THAT would spell trouble. But keep in mind, I COULD change my mind and start eating breakfast again at any time. Because I can.

Well it must be almost time for my walk among the tempting trash cans. And then I’ll decide if I’ll have breakfast. Or not. Keep her guessing – that’s my little game. Heaven knows we don’t want things to get too routine and boring around here….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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