Hey hey everybody. It’s Squirmy on a mega marvelous Monday. And why is it SO extra spectacular? It’s not raining!!!! We had rain all weekend, so besides some rounds of find the lambie and some training, we were pretty darn bored. Oh! But I did have rally class last night – and THAT was the one highlight of my weekend. I love that class.

So since not much was new around here – the Boss told me to look at the Crazy Calendar and some historical stuff to see if there was anything there to write about. And yuppers. I found a fact. Did you know that on this day in 1994, was first founded. Now unless you’re one of those few folks who won’t order things on-line (that’s sure not true in our house!)- chances are you have probably bought something on Amazon. So. I decided to sniff out some facts about Amazon. Here’s an interesting link. Watch the video. I kinda got bored with the part about taxes – that’s not the interesting part in my canine brain. BUT – keep watching and check out the DOGS at Amazon!!!

How cool is that? I also like the fact that Amazon was thankfully smart enough to NOT sell dogs. Or live animals in general. Phew.

Now if your canine kid has a special occasion coming up – like a birthday or a gotcha day or a Wednesday, you might like to take a look at this list of dog items on Amazon.

Now I must admit, some stuff on that list would be useless in our house. Slow feed food bowl? Just turn it over. Anxiety relief stuffed toy? More like stuffing dissection toy. Potty training doorbells? Rip ‘em off the door and run around ringing them like you’re starting a bell choir. Dog sweatshirt? Spare me.

But the number one product in our household IS on the list. #31. The Kong Extreme Dog Toy. We have 6. And My Enforcer would like 6 more. Why? She stuffs them with kibble and yogurt and freezes them. They are the only way she can enjoy a somewhat peaceful breakfast because it keeps me and the Boss busy for at least 20 minutes. The Coyote can’t be bothered with them.

One thing on the list that we own, but My Enforcer never associated with dogs was the black light. She has one to examine old stuff, but she never thought about using it to detect urine. She’s afraid to look…..Not that any of us pees in the house- but I WAS a little puppy once, and who knows what remnants remain….

When we looked up “Polish Lowland Sheepdog” and “Berger Picard” in the Amazon search engine, guess who had more items?! PONs won. 3722 to 2785. That’s a lot of t-shirts and coffee mugs with PONs and Picards. And other stuff too. So two leggeds get coffee mugs with us on them. Can we get dog bowls with little humans on them? I must check.

OK. Time to walk. In the SUN. And then maybe I’ll come home and order something on Amazon. Treats. Lots of treats…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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