Two strikes. And he’s out.

Hey blogaroos. Squirmy here on a marvelous Monday.

It was a another busy weekend- for me anyway. Another disastrous beauty pageant class, followed by a great rally class. Ummm – does anyone see a pattern developing?

So like the beauty pageant class was outside again. On a warm, windy but kinda muggy day. And like there were a gazillion dogs in class again… two Nova Scotia duck Tollers, my girlfriend, Gina the German Shepherd, another girlfriend, Bree a Bouvier, a Cocker spaniel, a Sussex Spaniel, an Australian Shepherd, a Weimaraner, a Smooth Collie, two Vizslas, a partridge in a pear tree and me. I’m probably forgetting someone. And hello? Guess who got REALLY bored? So like at one point each dog had to go, one at a time and do something called a free stack in the middle of the ring. It’s where you stand like a statue and your owner can’t touch and place your feet if you’re standing crooked. So everyone is taking their turn. And standing beautifully. And then it’s my turn. My Enforcer runs me out to the middle of the ring and tells me to stand and voila – I plop right down onto the grass. Everybody laughed. Which I quite enjoyed. If ya can’t get an applause for being the prettiest, get some laughs! And guess what? I did that again the second time. It was closing in on an hour of torture for My Enforcer, and her friend Cindy, who was standing next to us in the line up said – “You know – I think he’s had enough. If he were mine, I would probably take him out- so he doesn’t learn to hate this conformation stuff.” That was a great observation and suggestion because it was right about the time yours truly was lying in the grass and refusing to stand up. My Enforcer had been thinking the same thing, so we ducked out of the ring and went to a nearby field. She asked me to do 30 seconds of heel work – and guess what? I was brilliant. Because I was DOING something!! Standing around and waiting to pose is boring. I’d rather roll in the grass and attempt to sniff the dog in front of me and behind me. And then when it’s finally my turn to run around the ring, I want to burn it. I run so fast My Enforcer can’t keep up. It’s just not my thing.

Anyway, I went to rally class last night and hello – I ran one course and our teacher said I was perfect. Like NO mistakes. Because it’s FUN. Beauty pageants are like watching paint dry. In rally I get to be the painter! I’m not sure if that makes any sense- but I’m a heeling machine.

I’m not sure we’ll go to beauty pageant class next week. I think it’s too traumatic for My Enforcer. She tries desperately for an hour to keep me happy – and it’s tough. On the other hand, rally class is easy – and a blast. We’ll see what happens next weekend…Mind you, I did kinda enjoy being the class clown. One lady said I look really nice. When I’m standing up…

Time for my walk. Have a magnificent Monday!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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