Howdy doody blogaroos!!! Squirmy Wormy here on a super Saturday. Another handling class today. We’ll see what chaos I can create today!

Meanwhile, my unusual fear that I encounter on walks, continues. I’m bold as brass in this household, and I’ll put up an excellent front guarding my home and property – but I do have a great fear. Puddles. On our morning walk, I dodge around them. And sometimes I totally put on the brakes. Because not all puddles are alike. Some are deep. And you don’t know what lies beneath them. I think there was a horror film named that. But I don’t think it was about puddles. It all started when My Enforcer accidentally kicked a tiny pebble as I was walking by a puddle and it scared me. So now I have puddophobia. I made up that word. There is a word for fear of lakes – limnophobia, and thalassophobia- fear of the ocean and aquaphobia – a general fear of water- but I can’t find a specific word for fear of puddles. Isn’t there anybody else who finds them scary?!

Yesterday My Enforcer decided to try and help me get over my fear. She simply had me stand by a puddle. Clearly I don’t look very happy about this.

When she told me I could sit, I was a bit happier because I moved back from the scary puddle.

We continued on our walk, with me leaping over little puddles and dodging around big ones. At one point, My Enforcer showed me a pebble and had me watch as she tossed it into a puddle. She did that several times. And yeah, OK that wasn’t scary – but I still gave that puddle a side eye glance as I went around it.

Look, we all have our own things that make us unique. Mine is puddophobia. And I guess ricocheting off walls, animals and humans is a bit unique too. But come on – that uniqueness makes me extra lovable. I mean who couldn’t love a puddophobic ricocheter?

OK. I better go and hide because you KNOW she’s going to want to brush me ONE MORE TIME before we go to class. She figures if we don’t perform well, at least I’ll look cute. But we do have a problem. There is rain in the forecast. Hope there’s no puddle in front of the entrance to the class….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Puddophobia

  1. I taught Krystal to walk round puddles as less muddy paws to bring home. She had always been scared of the ripples in the sea. But will paddle in a stream. Oh yes they do have their quirky ways think that’s why we love them.

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