Gotcha Day

Hey everybody! It’s Squirmy! And GUESS what day today is?! You give up?! It’s my Gotcha Day! (Not to be confused with the Polish word gacie- which is pronounced almost the same as gotcha – but means underpants…) Nope- it’s not my nickers day – it’s the day I got My Enforcer!!!!

It was a year ago today that she drove through closed borders across provinces and countries – to meet my “Creator” – Maggie who bred my Mom, Maya to my Dad, Baxter – and voila – they got me! And four other siblings. And My Enforcer was SO excited to meet me!

Little did she know just how much her life would change!!! I mean she’s been owned by three dogs at a time before – and she’s had lots of puppies – but I’m one of a kind. We’re still not sure what kind…

But despite a plague, it’s been an amazing year. I’ve learned to adapt to life with two older “brothers.” Well….maybe I should say THEY have learned to adapt to a puddophobic ricocheter. It’s been a year of local exploring and an introduction to the world of obedience and rally. I’ve learned that if you listen, and do what’s asked of you, you get TREATS! And I LOVE treats. Obedience is my thing. Yup I’m a heeling, sitting, spinning, recalling, dropping, retrieving machine. We’ll see if my attention lasts – but if it does, we could find ourselves competing for some of those 50 cent ribbons that cost $25. I can’t wait!!

I’ve learned in the past year that grooming is not as bad as the Boss said, and that blueberries and bananas are yummy. I’m still not sure about lettuce.

I’ve learned that the Boss IS the Boss and the Coyote is the bestest guy to play with. I’ve also learned to check his food bowl when he is done – just in case he leaves me a morsel.

I’ve also learned in the past year how to sit and pose for photos. I’ve learned that the Dollar Store sells some pretty weird junk – but if you sit and wear Dollar Store attire, you get REALLY GOOD treats….

And speaking of which…tomorrow is Canada Day. And here’s a sneak preview of what we were subjected to yesterday….Yup – it’s yours truly running away with the attire.

So I suggest that all blog readers who are owned by dogs, help me celebrate my Gotcha Day by giving your dog a treat! It’s on me!

One other thing – in the last year, you need to know that I wake up happy every single day. I think most of us dogs do. I know that humans don’t always find that easy to do – and that’s where you guys really can take some lessons from us canines. Seriously- we should be taking YOU to obedience class. I’m just a young fella, but this is what I’ve figured out so far…. Life really IS good. Sniff the air. Marvel in the world around you while on a walk. Be happy when you get a treat. Follow instructions. Listen. Roll in the grass. Bite your toys – not others. Respect your elders. Eat what’s good for you – not carpets and chair legs. Be excited when you see someone you love. And finally, don’t pee on the vegetables.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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