Howdy blogees. Elroy here on a fabulous Friday. I hope you’re having a chill one – in preparation for your weekend. Mind you… weekend, Monday, Halloween, birthdays- it’s all the same to me. Except for the dreaded photo shoots for holidays. I hear we have one coming up at the beginning of July, and Her Highness came back with a big bag from the Dollar store the other day. And she was wearing that evil smile, that indicates I am going to be required to wear some obnoxious head gear. Again. We’ve already worn the Canadian flags for Canada Day in the past, so who KNOWS what else she could have found. She had better not leave the gate open by mistake, because I’ll be in the next province before she can catch me…

Yesterday was particularly uneventful because right after breakfast, she made this big “announcement” that she could plant tomatoes on the kitchen floor. Yawn. Sure. We tracked in some dirt. Especially the mops – they are mud magnets. But a crop of tomatoes in the kitchen? Drama. All drama.

So as a result of the proclamation, we canines found ourselves on the deck, while she scrubbed the tile grout with a brush like a toothbrush. Talk about a futile exercise. As she slaved away, we all watched through the deck door – making sure to create some extra nice olfactory art. So while she’s scrubbing the floor, we’re messing up the windows. It’s called the canine cleaning circle of life. We came in when the floor was dry and when she went to wipe the windows, we tracked in all those little maple leaf helicopter things. So then she had to vacuum again. So she put us back outside because we like to attack the vacuum. And we watched, leaving new olfactory art creations. See what I mean about the cycle. Just give it up.

And speaking of tomatoes, Her Highness moved the garden boxes beyond our fenced area. No digging for us guys in the veggies this year. Seriously, sometimes she can be rather boring. So right now we stare through the fence at the fledgling crops. The tomatoes look like blades of grass. BUT she planted potatoes, and they are looking great. Mind you, I’m not exactly sure what they are supposed to look like, but they ARE green. And the lettuce could probably make a small salad right now. For a rabbit. Speaking of whom, I’m surprised our hoppy friends haven’t yet discovered the buffet. Yo. Free food. Come on down. Her Highness placed the boxes far enough back that we can’t pee through the fence on them. And trust me – we all tried. A little fun competition. But nobody won.

Meanwhile, every time I go out the front door for my walk, Her Highness has to watch me because I keep trying to pee on these nice planters she has on either side of the door. No luck yet. But the season is young.

So that’s the exciting news from our corner of the planet. Let’s hope there’s no thrilling activity like dusting today….

I think I’ll head out to do some digging.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Cleaning

  1. Oh my, you boys are going to be the death of that poor woman or you are going to send her to the funny farm. I am surprised she hasn’t kicked you all out by now. Please take it easy on her. She is more fragile than you think. And she is the one who feeds you!


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