World Pet Memorial Day

Salutations blog readers. Frodo here. In the balmy Maritimes. Yes – summer has arrived before the official “date.” We cannot blame the groundhog for this early arrival – he is only “responsible” for Spring forecasts. If one believes a prognosticating rodent. But I digress.

It is very warm here. And there are two weather phenomena that this PON does not appreciate – rain. And heat. I’m a cool, dry kind of dog.

These days we find ourselves losing our hearing by the minute. Due to the fans working at high speed in every room. No. We do not have air conditioning. Yes. You may feel sorry for me. But not to worry too much – as I do plant myself in front of each fan as I move from room to room.

Today according to the Crazy Calendar is something called World Pet Memorial Day. A day to think fondly of those pets who completed their roles on earth, and have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. The reason for this day is not meant to be sad, but to be thankful for having the privilege of being owned by those pets in the first place – no matter how long the time. And it’s key not to focus on the time – because let’s be truthful- it’s never, ever, ever long enough.

Her Highness’ first dog (when living away from home) was Barney – a terrier-cross who she adopted from the SPCA. He was labeled “the biter” and he wore his label proudly. He and Her Highness learned to respect each other – and he taught her a great deal about patience. That was back in the day when she fed him a diet of what would be considered junk food today, and she had him vaccinated every single year. He failed obedience classes miserably, although he was an extremely smart dog. And yes- he bit her on more than one occasion. But he had an alter ego that WAS sweet and loving. Despite his diet of simulated food made mostly of colored grain and corn – in the shape of beef patties, and the application of “toxic vaccines and flea and tick medications” he lived to 17.5…. He probably taught her more than any dog ever has…

The other canine crew included four Bernese Mountain Dogs – Schubert, Guinness, Harper and Paxton. That tri-colored crew introduced her to the world of dog shows, obedience, rally, draft and even an agility. As well, Her Highness became involved in Drill Team with her Berners – which included visitations to nursing homes and small groups. Her Highness still thinks it was one of the most rewarding things she did with her dogs. Each Swiss bear was different- but each was a loving, lovable companion.

There was the Labrador, Beamish, who introduced Her Highness to field work. And dogs who like to eat poop. Not one of his most endearing qualities. But there was a dog whose tail never stopped wagging. He was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. All the time.

And last but not least there was Viktor… the dog who is responsible for you reading our adventures today. Crazy, rabbit-chasing, wild Viktor. Sometimes I think that Viktor has returned – there are tremendous similarities between him and the imp…..with a bit of devil thrown in for good measure.

So today take a moment to remember those who dogs have fulfilled their duties on earth. I suppose it’s rather ironic that there is a “day” devoted to this – as I dare say, most humans do not need to be reminded to cherish those memories. They do so almost every day….

“No longer by my side but forever in my heart.”

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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