Back to class

Howdy doody blogaroos! Happy Sunday! It’s the Squirmster report today! I hope you’re having a waggy tail kind of day. I sure am!

So yesterday- I went back to school. Well, not the full class. This was a one-on-one session with my favorite teacher, Jane. My Enforcer said it was a remedial class. Because I need remedial work. Whatever that means.

Anyway, I think back to the first day I met Jane when I was just a little guy. I was kinda shy and nervous. Now I jump on her – AND if she starts walking like she’s doing heel work, I go right next to her and join in!

Even though we’ve kinda been on a training hiatus with the COVID, I remembered everything I needed to do. PLUS – My Enforcer told Jane I needed help with my dumbbell- because I drop it before I return with it. I heard her telling Jane about the problems I was having. So guess what – I did my favorite thing- I proved her wrong! I did my dumbell retrieve just fine. My Enforcer just looked at me. I just wanted to prove her wrong and show off for Jane. Score!

The other guys were annoyed when I got home. My Enforcer had to give them extra treats to keep them happy. Mind you, none of us were happy for very long. Why? The deck ordeal. What’s the deck ordeal? Well. We have this deck. And before My Enforcer bought this house, the previous owner painted it. So. Every year it needs a touch up. And then every couple of years it needs a MAJOR touch up. We’re talking scraping and sanding and lots of four letter words. We dogs did a pretty good job of scraping some of it – like at the top of the stairs. And we COULD help scrape more if we were “allowed” to. But no. We just have to watch My Enforcer with her sander, moving back and forth. Up and down. Side to side. It sounds like she has a pattern – but she doesn’t. No wonder she ends up dizzy after a couple of hours.

After the sanding will come the painting. I can’t WAIT for that!! I think my paws would look cool in a rust color.

I’m not really sure why she’s going through all this torture. I mean within 24 hours if it being finished, one of us will pee on it, and somebody else will scrape off some paint. Seems like another one of those pointless two-legged tasks. Like vacuuming. Hello? You have dogs. Just ignore the fuzz.

Today I’m going out AGAIN! I’m going for a walk with my girlfriend, Gina. She hasn’t seen me in so long- I hope she remembers me. Just kidding. We all know I’m unforgettable.

Oh. Before I end – did you SEE this video that went viral – of a girl saving her dogs from a bear?! Check it out:

Holy biscuits that’s one cranky bear! And that girl was sure…..I’m not sure what the right word is. Brave? Or crazy. My Enforcer said that if we encounter a bear like that, don’t count on her pushing it. Mind you, I doubt a bear would be walking on our wire fence.

OK. Gotta go get brushed so I look good for Gina.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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