The choir

Good Wednesday blogaroos. Squirmy here on a finally sunny day. It seems we’ve had lots of rainy, foggy mornings lately – meaning our walks are short or we end up getting a longer daily bath than usual. Well – our feet and legs get a “bath.” And part of our bellies. So it’s a half bath.

Ah yes- our morning walks…

In our latest morning routine, yours truly goes first, followed by the Boss and then the Coyote. And all is peaceful in the household when the Boss goes out. It’s peaceful because he’s gone. When he’s left with me, or the Coyote, he barks to tell the missing party to hurry up. The whole time we’re gone. Now he doesn’t bark when My Enforcer drives away somewhere. And if she’s in the yard working, he’s quiet. But when it comes to walk time- well he never shuts up! I think he’s shouting to get us to hurry up so he can have his breakfast. When he’s left with me, while the Coyote is out, I sometimes make it a duet.

My Enforcer doesn’t want us shouting out directives now that summer is almost here – and our windows will be open. Even though it’s not like we live in the city and our neighbors are right next door, the sound of the PONdemonium does carry. She could give us our frozen Kongs, but then she would have no peace while she’s eating her breakfast. A Bullystick could keep us busy – but if we ate a bully stick every day, she’d be in the poorhouse. So yesterday she had this “brilliant” idea. She would spread/hide bits of kibble all over the downstairs rec room, and in the kitchen and dining room. And that would keep us busy and quiet.

So she got a handful of kibble and tossed some around the dining room; then she went downstairs to spread/hide the rest. That was her first mistake because while she was downstairs, we ate all the stuff upstairs.

So then she came up and opened the gate at the top of the stairs. We immediately ran downstairs. All three of us.

“No – Elroy- no!!!” she shouted. Too late. He suddenly thought “find the kibble” was a GREAT game. This is coming from a dog who thinks food is overrated. He’s busy vacuuming up kibble with us PONs when she runs downstairs. She shouts “come on Elroy- we have to get out of here!” He runs upstairs, she latches his leash and as they are ready to close the door behind them, I’m already finished downstairs and checking for leftovers in the dining room. “AGGGHHHHHH” she screams. By the time we hit the road, she can hear the faint shouting of The Boss.

Dogs 1 Human 0.

Hey did you know that on this day in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her coronation! So she’s been at the same job for 68 years! Holy biscuit that’s a long time. The other day My Enforcer was looking for something and found this book – that she didn’t even know she had. We always knew the Queen was a dog lover and it obviously started when she was young. I’ll share a few photos from the book – in honor of her big day. I’m sure she’ll enjoy them because she no doubt reads this blog.

I would have sent a coronation card, but I couldn’t find one.

OK. Time to hit the trail!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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