Mystery critter and new training technique

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here. It’s the very last day of May – holy moly that month went by quickly! We’ve been in lockdown forever – so no classes this past month. I have forgotten everything I ever learned. Well not really, but I’m pretending to. Plus when two-leggeds are in lockdown, instead of using the time to be productive (like to train us dogs), they become blobs. At least My Enforcer has become one. Sure we do our walks and play time- but our training regime has kinda gone off the rails. I mean we do a LITTLE bit of training – but not a lot so she was SHOCKED the other day when she took me and the Boss out to do a tiny bit of work. She was shocked because while she did work with one of us, the other guy had to stay in a down stay and watch. Holy biscuit that’s difficult!!!! But guess what?! I did it!!! I know you think I’m faking – but it’s true!!! I love doing nothing (in a “stay”) and getting treats for it. Score!

Thankfully, things are reopening a bit this Wednesday. No big classes BUT I have a private class next weekend to whip me into shape. Actually, it’s more about whipping My Enforcer into shape. She needs it.

So the other day, the Boss and I were walking on the public trail early in the morning. It was pretty quiet, except for the birds. We were both on leash, because early morning can equal critters. And sure enough- we were trotting along, tangling up our leashes, leaving lots of pee mail, sniffing for things to roll in – when suddenly we saw something on the trail ahead of us. But it was so quick – we don’t know what it was! For sure it wasn’t a rabbit. Or a pheasant. Or a deer, porcupine, squirrel or bear. It looked kinda like a fox, but we haven’t had foxes here for quite a few years. It could have been a coyote. But it seemed kinda small. Anyway, we saw him- but surprisingly didn’t go bat poop crazy. We just pulled to see where he went – but no insane barking which we have been know to do. On occasion. My Enforcer took us a little further on the trail , but then she kinda freaked out because she didn’t know what it was – so she turned us around and headed back home. Personally I think she had nothing to fear with us PONs- we would protect her from anything. Or at least we would take off and run for help. Suuuuure we would….

Next the Coyote went for his walk on the trail. No wildlife, but they did run into a guy with a giant camera who was bird watching. He and the Coyote were listening for the birds. My Enforcer just smiled. For a herding breed, he sure likes his feathered friends!

Rain in the forecast for today. Again. We’ve had rain on and off for days. Maybe we’ll do some indoor training. Or maybe not. More likely we’ll cram on Friday…..

Oh plus one funny training technique My Enforcer tried with me. I LOVE to retrieve. I mean LOVE. And I bring back the bumper every time. BUT I often will not hand it to her- I’ll drop it like 3 feet away. So yesterday, she kept telling me to bring it closer. She had treats ( of course) and I would still drop it before she could take it from me. So sometimes one has to be innovative. As I was running toward her, she would turn her back on me, stoop over, spread her feet apart, and look at me upside down between her legs. Really. I’m not making this up. I thought that was crazy – BUT I came through her legs and gave her the bumper every time! It looks pretty funny – but it worked. I’m just not so sure it would be allowed in an obedience ring….. The stuff she’ll do to outsmart me. Isn’t it wonderful how active I keep her brain? I’m a training genius.

OK. Gotta go!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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