Howdy blogaroos. Happy Saturday. Happy weekend. Happy breakfast. Happy walk. Happy fetch. Hey – I’m just a happy kinda guy!

So the Coyote did a commercial message the other day encouraging people to shop local. And it sounds like a few people did!!! That’s great!!!!

Today I get to do a commercial. For PONs! OK. Well not really a commercial- more like an infomercial. I’m not selling them (although sometimes I think the Coyote wishes he could sell me). No – I’m here to tell you all about us. Because some cool PON lovers in the UK put together a wonderful overview about us!! You can hear all about our history . You can learn about how we should look. There’s all kinds of cool stuff. Like even if you don’t have a PON, it’s interesting. Kind of like Animal Planet goes PONs. Now…there are a few steps to see these videos. And I should mention it’s FREE. But you do need to register with the UK Kennel Club to see the info. And then, if you’re interested in learning about more breeds, you can watch a module on another breed. I’m starting you on the PON course, but you can learn about Labs, Goldens, Chows, Keeshond-and a bunch of others. Unfortunately, the Coyote was disappointed because the Picard isn’t there. Maybe someone can make one..

Because not everyone is techno savvy, I thought I’d help with the steps to watch the videos.. If you’ve already seen the site, or for some odd reason you don’t have an interest in dog videos ( or you just don’t have the time because you’re busy playing with your dog) you can skip the paragraphs in italics….

First go to this link:

Now you should see a screen telling you to sign in. Click the Sign up now. Unless of course you have an account! I’m doing this part for people who don’t.

When you go to the Sign up page, all you have to do is give your email and then hit Send Verification Code.

You’ll then get an email with a code number. It comes almost as quickly as the time it takes me to eat my supper.

You put that number in the box and hit the verify code button and it will take you to a screen to create a password. Put your secret password in and then write it down somewhere so if you’re like My Enforcer, you won’t forget it.

Next you sign up with your name. Your birthday is optional. Hit continue.

Next you decide which info you want them to send you. Like the newsletter. Then you agree to the conditions that state you must send Wojtek of Nova Scotia some free dog biscuits. That’s in the fine print. Check the box. And complete your registration.

Now it says Account created. Hit continue. Is anybody still following me?

Voila. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog course should appear! Hit the button for Start the Module.

Now here’s where My Enforcer got lost. But allow me to help. Read that stuff – then scroll down. You will see the words Next Module Page. Those words are above the green banner at the bottom. You keep looking for those little words as you go through the course. They are kinda small. The History of the Breed Video is the best!!! If there’s one part you watch – that HAS to be it! I loved hearing about my ancestors!!!!

Now if you complete the module and you want to learn about some other breeds, here is what you do…

See your name at the top? Click on it and click Manage Account. See under TASKS the word Academy? Click on that.

Scroll down and you’ll see the heading “Breed Specific Films.” Now there are only 33 breeds listed – but still plenty to keep you busy on a Saturday night. You need to click View all courses to see all the breeds listed. They are in the same format as the PON module. Just click Enrol Now.

Phew. Who knew I was so good on the internet. Must be from all my on-line shopping. With Her Highness’ VISA. A big box of Bullysticks arrived yesterday. Yee haw!

Oh plus while My Enforcer was typing this post for me, I was kinda quiet. And in the bedroom. I’m never in the bedroom without her because I’ve been known to steal pillows. Anyway, she thought I was quiet so she went to see what I was doing. Well. There was some laundry on the floor in the bathroom, waiting for the first load in the washer to be finished. And I happened to notice that her fleece jacket had not had the pockets cleaned out. There were treat crumbs in the pockets! Can’t have those going in the washer!! So I helped clean them out! Sorry about the hole in the jacket. I couldn’t help it. It’s not like I have opposable thumbs….

OK. Gotta go have a happy day. And hope you have one too. And if you happen to watch the videos, let me know!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Infomercial

  1. THANK YOU for sending the link about the UK Kennel Club breeds. I look forward to reading about all of them especially the KEESHOND! Have a good day. Tell your enforcer that I would LOVE to see her sometime.

    Glady Gates



  2. Hi Squirmy, a big thank you to you and your owner for the link to the UK Kennel Club and for the detailed steps to watch the video of your breed! I watched the video and I did learn more about your cute breed and general traits, for example, your breed is very good at herding, is usually calm around people and manage to survive on quite a meagre diet. Then I thought of you…and your favorite ricocheting fun times, as well as your happy meals and treats. You are a unique PON! 😄


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