Teddy and Hudson

Howdy doody blogaroos. Captain Chaos here! Leaping, barking and ricocheting into a new day. Life is good.

Today we have news about OTHER dogs – one with bad news and the other with good.

First the bad. Our neighbor, Teddy- a black Lab/Great Dane guy – had a run-in with a pin cushion. A walking pin cushion – the porcupine. In the middle of the day!!! He was with his human outside and he disappeared for 2 minutes. When he reappeared, he was sporting a prickly beard. Yowza. He got to visit the Animal Emergency Clinic – where they sent him to la la land, and when he woke up his “5 o’clock shadow” was gone. And so was a big chunk of money from his human’s wallet….

In better news, a new canine kid is in Marg’s life. As you may recall, Marg looked after The Boss and The Coyote when My Enforcer drove to the U.S. to pick up yours truly. Marg has been a friend of My Enforcer for like 245 years. Dog years. Anyway, Marg and her family had a dog named Jessy – but she went to the Rainbow Bridge quite a few years ago now. Jessy adopted her family from the SPCA when she was over a year old- so she wasn’t a puppy. But now….drum roll…. they got a PUPPY! And what kind of puppy? Our provincial dog – a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. (Toller for short. )

The puppy’s name is Hudson. Named after Rock. Just joking. Hudson is a town in Quebec where Marg’s husband is from. Plus like the Hudson’s Bay company, founded in 1670 is the oldest company in North America. But really, I don’t think those facts played a huge part in his name selection. They just liked the name Hudson.

My Enforcer went to meet the young fella yesterday. She loaded her pockets with THE yummiest treats. So he would like her. And not bite her – because he has those sharp needle teeth. I remember those. Speaking of which, that tooth fairy never did come….

Anyway – Hudson was very well behaved- and My Enforcer said he’s a smarty pants. And hello – she knows all about smart dogs. Present company included. Mind you, smart doesn’t ALWAYS translate to obedient. Because we geniuses can easily outsmart most two-leggeds. BUT – you humans DO win when it comes to treats….

So far, it sounds like Hudson is doing a spectacular job at training his humans. He’s pretty much ruling the place – and he’s only been there for a short time. He has lots more training to do – but they’re quick learners.

When My Enforcer got home, ALL of us gave her the olfactory exam. Not only could we smell bits of treat crumbs in her pocket, we could also smell Hudson. The Coyote took a sniff and walked away with indignation. The Boss barked. And I did a triple ricochet off her stomach. That’ll teach her.

Anyway we welcome Hudson to the big beautiful world of puppydom and maybe once he gets a bit bigger, we can meet! Good luck training those humans buddy – it’s hard work!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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