And now for a commercial message

Yo. Blogees. Elroy here on this Terrific Tuesday. Heaven help me- I’m starting to sound like the imp.

So life is laid back here. At least that’s the way I see it. And live it. Walks in the morning. Lounging during the day. The occasional wrestling match with the imp. Bird watching. Grass rolling. Leaf chasing. Staring into the woods at nothing in particular. But making it LOOK LIKE Bigfoot is lurking behind a tree. Eating supper. Occasionally coming when called. Chewing on the imp’s feet. Letting him chew on my face. Licking body parts in the middle of the night. Yup. A laid back life.

That being said, we’re still living with the COVID. Nova Scotia had wonderfully low case numbers throughout most of 2020, but around April of this year, all heck broke loose. We went into lockdown. Meaning Her Highness is home ALLLLLL the time. Unless she needs food, or more importantly, needs to get food for us. Despite the lockdown, we’re not complaining. So many people and businesses are having a hard time during this disaster. We are lucky to be able to go for walks in the great outdoors- and to have a big yard to hang out in. But not everyone is so lucky. And we’re not even touching the topic of those who have lost loved ones to this plague….

Small businesses have had a tough go of it – because they are closed during lockdown. Tourism – which is a big deal in our province was hard hit last year with the closed borders. People couldn’t come here. So it’s been really difficult since last year. Which got me thinking…..

Want to come to Nova Scotia? Well – you can’t – at least not now. BUT – you CAN have a piece of Nova Scotia! Now if you’re like Her Highness when she travels, she always brings home guilt gifts for us canines. Something that is made in the place she has visited – for us dogs! So – even though you can’t visit right now, maybe you’d like to pretend you came here- AND you bought something for your dogs. I thought I could share with you some small Nova Scotia dog businesses – and if you’re looking for that pretend vacation gift – you might consider these. Her Highness is all about supporting local.

Here’s a company that we just bought from. Get Dirty Dog. They make cool biothane collars and leashes – like the fancy one in the photo. It’s a hands-free leash – but it can be adapted to lots of options. It could almost have a YouTube tutorial on how to use it. The cool thing about biothane – it doesn’t get soggy in the rain- or stinky. Their link is here:

You can custom select your color – and even the type of hardware. We went with neon green- but you can definitely go more subdued. We’re not subdued.

Before I continue, I should note that we are not getting any kickbacks from mentioning these businesses- and in fact, we haven’t even told them we’re doing it. Hope they don’t mind! Most of these businesses depend on on-line sales – and also market their items through local markets and fairs – which have been shut down. Anyway -let’s check a few more.

This local company makes cloth collars. You can find them here:

These guys make super durable rope toys. Check them out:

We found this company that will custom design dog tags. I think the imp needs the one in the shape of the Shark:

Now if you’re into dog sports and training – these guys have awesome tug toys..

This company makes an all natural tick spray. Unfortunately, no spray is 100% effective – but this stuff DOES work quite well – and we use it all the time:

Here’s one artist who does cool dog portraits.

Conflict of interest on this next one as Her Highness personally knows this artist. Ann does amazingly detailed drawings of your dog. They look like photos:. Check out her work.

I’m obviously not including pet photographers (as you would have to be here for them to take your photo!). I also didn’t include biscuit or food sellers – as it may be difficult to ship those items. To be included in my little list, the businesses had to have a website, Etsy or Facebook page – and would be able to ship.

I’m sure there are others and I know all of you also have great local dog businesses and artisans. Please feel free to share them in our comments section. If we can help small businesses wherever they are – it’s a good thing!

So that’s my commercial, laid back message for today. And like I don’t want to do a serious sales pitch – as let’s face it – it’s not my style. But I AM a sensitive, caring kinda guy – so it seemed I was the best writer for this topic. The Boss would have droned on about the chemical compounds in biothane and the Imp would have just said “Buy it. Buy it. Buy it.” Yeah – who knew I would be the best salesdog. Will wonders never cease.

Back to rolling in the lawn. Later.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “And now for a commercial message

  1. Thank you for the great links, Elroy. I don’t have a pet dog now but hope to have one some time in the future, so these links will give me an idea about things that owners need to consider for their pets.


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