Poopy tales

Hey blogaroos! Have I got a poopy story for you today! I mean REALLY poopy. My Enforcer’s mother apparently used to dislike any story that focused on poop. But hey – it’s a topic that just “happens”. Literally. So – we’ll “go” with it.

So ya know how we were talking about The Boss and how he likes to play poop chicken with traffic, by pooping in the road? Well the one good thing about that crazy game is that he always has P3. Picture Perfect Poop. His poop could be one of those Google images for poop. And that was all wonderful. Until yesterday….

The Boss got ready for his walk, and was his usual perky, barky self. He and My Enforcer headed up the driveway and down he road. He was trotting along like normal, when he stopped and assumed the position. Except he had a problem. It seems that eating grass the other day, combined with a bit too much licking of my head, caused a bit of a hmmmm…..poop ball. And well, he was trying to poop, without success. And he was also gassy….

Now before I continue, remember that the Boss is a tough guy, but try and brush a mat out and he screams like he’s being tortured. Touch his feet and he cries. If he has a sore ear, he’s miserable.

So IMAGINE a gassy, big poop ball. The Boss was trying to go, but was obviously very uncomfortable. So he started crying. My Enforcer tried to get him to walk – by offering a treat. He obviously didn’t feel too badly as he walked along like a cowboy who has been riding his horse way too long. And he grabbed the treat. And he continued his stance and his moaning and groaning. They walked back on the road and a bit down the driveway. By this point My Enforcer was considering carrying him home. When suddenly, kaboom – results! A baseball sized result. The Boss shook himself off and happily trotted down the driveway.

My Enforcer never had a dog in such agony while pooping, so of course she still Googled causes. Many were not very pleasant- so of course she kept an eye on him ALL day. Even though he was fine – hungry, happy, barky – AND when she took him for a walk later, he had no problem pooping. Although she DID note what appeared to be some more hair in the sample.

So hopefully all is fine with the Drama King. Oh and I should mention that after his performance, it was time to take The Coyote out. He produced wonderful results on his walk- not far from home. BUT he obviously had been involved in the grass fest too – so he had a small, grassy clingon. I couldn’t make this stuff up. So as soon as he completed his deposit of P3, he proceeded to drag his butt along the pavement in an effort to unsuccessfully get rid of the clingon. That must have been the point where I could actually hear My Enforcer moaning in agony- from the road. Yeah – her day started off kinda crappy. Thank goodness for the bathtub in the garage. And rubber gloves.

We’ll hope for P3 all around today. Paws crossed!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Poopy tales

  1. Baseball-sized poop is really big for a dog of Frodo’s size. No wonder he was in discomfort. Glad he is alright now.


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