Hey everybody!!! It’s fantastic Friday! And it’s me- Squirmy Wormy also known as Captain Chaos, here with the latest updates from Sqirmyville.

First off- no new bear visits. I think Ted was just passing through, helped himself to the buffet in our green bin and in our neighbor’s and moved along to other places. Good luck to him.

Over the past few weeks we have stopped our walks on the golf course in the morning because they have begun to fertilize it – and to use some “stuff” on the fairways. My Enforcer is pretty paranoid about us being exposed to any “stuff” – that’s why our lawn is mostly weeds- and so she won’t take us on the course now until probably after the fall. Which means we either walk on our property, we walk on the road – or we walk on the public trail that goes on for miles and miles. It’s a good trail. Unless your feet are damp with morning dew. When that happens, yours truly’s feet become dirt magnets. Big time. Plus, if it rained the day before, the trail is muddy. And that really makes a mess. I look like I’m covered in chocolate.

Now I don’t mind mud or water and neither does The Coyote. The Boss, on the other hand, hates when the grass is even dewy. And he literally jumps around and over puddles. He also does not like having his feet washed. So since he is not going on the course now, his route is the road. The Coyote and I go on the trail. As a result, we end up in the tub after every morning walk.

My Enforcer noted yesterday morning, that each of us has our own “quirks” when out walking. For The Boss, it’s poop location. He likes to poop in the road. And in the middle if he can. There usually isn’t much traffic at the crack of dawn when we do our walks, so although he’s on leash, he prefers to walk in the road rather than on the shoulder. Because there could be a puddle on the shoulder. But now that the golfers are coming earlier and earlier, My Enforcer finds herself hurrying to pick up poop before a car comes. I think The Boss poops there on purpose to watch her scrambling to gather poop as fast as she can.

My quirk is drop and roll. I can be walking along, and suddenly I’ll smell something on the ground (not visible to the eye – but quite evident to the canine nose) and I’ll suddenly drop to the ground and roll on my back. Yesterday I did it on the spot where the neighbor’s green bin had been the day before. It must have leaked something good and rotten and although there was nothing (other than a small damp spot) it sure smelled like perfume to me. My Enforcer shouted “hey get up!!!” I did, shook myself off and we carried on.

The Coyote’s quirk is his LOVE for trees, bushes, tall grass – basically anything that he can rub against. He’s not content to walk past a tree, he needs to rub against it – like he’s leaving his scent for the next dog who comes along. He’s also super interested in leaving lots of pee-mail – he will mark every tree (and garbage can on garbage day) if given the chance. He’s a pee machine. He’ll pee on parked cars if he can. Not moving ones. Although he probably would try.

Between wildlife and our own quirks, we keep even a simple, everyday activity like going for a walk, a novel adventure! Just THINK how boring My Enforcer’s life would be if it weren’t for us!

Now excuse me while I get ready to go for my walk. Gotta limber up in case I need to drop and roll. Oh and by the way, speaking of pee-mail, I’m kind of a big boy now. Sometimes I lift my leg to pee! But I’m not fully coordinated yet, so sometimes it’s just easier to squat. Besides, I want to milk this “he’s a puppy” excuse for my bad behavior as long as I can. So I’ll keep doing the puppy squat for awhile. Maybe even forever…..

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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