A visitor….

Howdy doody blogaroos! Squirmy wormy here. And have I got a story for you! Guess what? OK you give up. We had a visitor the other night! And it wasn’t a two-legged. Or a deer or a bunny or a porcupine or a pheasant or a tick. I’ll give you some clues. It’s black. It has teeth. It has big paws. It makes really big poop. And it rhymes with pear. Yup. You guessed it! It was a hare! Just joking. It was a BEAR!

So like My Enforcer was playing fetch with me and the Boss in the front yard. The Coyote was watching from inside. Because we know he’s not a fetch player. Anyway, it was getting dusky and the black flies were bugging My Enforcer, so she said “game over.” And we went inside. After we went in, we went out on the deck. And we started barking at the woods. Which is not all that unusual because if The Coyote hears ANYTHING at night, he barks. And it’s not like we PONs need a reason to bark – so we joined in. My Enforcer told us to come in and she closed the deck door.

And a few minutes later, she got a “road text.” That’s a text sent by a neighbor to all the houses on our road. The text was from Pam – whose house is very, very VERY close to our house. Like I could run there in 20 seconds. She included the following picture in her text- of a visitor who was marching through her garden….

It wasn’t long after that post that we heard a “clunk” in our yard. Well, the Boss and My Enforcer heard it. The Coyote and I were too busy practicing our wrestling moves to hear anything. My Enforcer looked out the window, and although it was dark, she could tell that our big recycling compost bin had been knocked over. Which meant one thing – Ted enjoys green leftovers found in the back of the fridge.

My Enforcer didn’t want to go out- so she flicked the outside lights on and off. I guess to make it harder for the bear to see what he was eating. She closed all the windows in case he would decide that the pasta she had made for supper was worth coming inside for. She overestimates her cooking skills.

I must confess, none of us even realized that Ted was lurking in our yard. until the next morning when we went out for our walks. I was first – and I got to examine the knocked over green bin and the leftover brown bag that had contained the food. I sniffed around, and honestly, didn’t care. I mean it’s not like he left anything for me to eat.

The other guys responded exactly as I did when they went on their walks. Bored. My Enforcer kind of expected us to get all excited. I’m not sure why – I mean we are sheepdogs, not Karelian Bear dogs. We sniffed around, and The Coyote immediately attempted to pee on the green bin. Mind you, he does that all the time.

So no more off leash pees before bed. Who am I kidding. We haven’t been off leash at bedtime since the porcupine was spotted.

Anyway, that’s the latest episode of Squirmy’s Wild Kingdom. I kinda hope Ted comes back- so I can scare him off. As long as I see him from inside the house…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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