Hey hey hey everybody! Squirmy here on this marvelous Mushroom Hunting Monday. Yup. You read that correctly! According to the Crazy Calendar, today is called Mushroom Hunting Day. Who knew?

Now this topic has lots of angles. Like an old Nylabone. First off we need to talk about canines and bad mushrooms. Yup. Just like some dogs can be bad, so can mushrooms. And eating wild mushrooms can spell serious trouble for dogs. Here’s a couple of articles about eating bad mushrooms…

Like the article says, grocery store mushrooms won’t harm us – but ya need to be careful in the wild. I wish the ticks would eat those poison mushrooms….

Wait. I’m off topic. So. Mushrooms can be bad. BUT. Mushrooms can also be good. There has been research showing that eating certain mushrooms can actually help dogs who have cancer! Who knew?!

So. Mushrooms can be good. It’s all so confusing.

And lastly, mushrooms hunting can be fun and profitable! Well- truffle hunting to be more specific. Truffles are in the same fungus family as mushrooms, but they grow underground. And did you know that the Lagotto Romagnolo, a breed of dog from Italy, is known for its truffle hunting skills?! Yup. Check out this cool video.

Given that truffles can sell for like hundreds of dollars a lb, a good truffle hunting dog can easily buy his own dog food and treats. Here’s the latest on truffle prices for those who buy truffle stocks.

The Coyote and I enjoy digging in the backyard. I’m going to tell My Enforcer that we’re looking for truffles. Sure we are. That’s our new excuse. Brilliant.

So those are you fun fungus facts for today! I bet when you woke up today you had no idea it was such an exciting day!!!! But then, I think every day is exciting!! Happy hunting!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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