Hey hey hey blogaroos. Squirmy here! And I’m SO excited because today is May 11- and do you know what day it is? According to the Crazy Calendar? It’s something called Eat What You Want Day! It’s a PON dream come true! Seriously! Now we just need to convince My Enforcer that she needs to go along with this.

Sometimes My Enforcer wonders what would happen if one of us PONs got into a 40lb bag of dog food. It likely could be dangerous- because our stomachs would probably explode. I don’t think we would stop.

Now some people believe that you can free feed dogs. You fill their bowl in the morning, and keep refilling it when empty. My Enforcer knows someone who does this with her dogs – and it apparently works for her. But in this house – it would never work. We just wouldn’t stop. Plus, right now we are all fed in separate locations around the kitchen – and the Coyote is actually secluded in the front hall, so we pushy PONs don’t try to steal his food. He used to be pretty picky – sometimes not eating a meal. I can’t IMAGINE that. But he seems to have outgrown that behavior- and now eats his whole meal. All the time. But I think if a giant bowl was left out all day, he would never get a chance to get any food. We would beat him to it.

There are lots of opinions about free feeding – and here are two articles about it. Like I said, it’s not for everyone…



And while on the topic of eating what you want, sometimes we dogs eat things that we might want, but they aren’t very good for us. Like the time Paxton, our Bernese (before my time) ate a 2.5’ long piece of gauze sling when My Enforcer broke her wrist. I hear he had to have surgery, and had to wear a lampshade. Doesn’t sound like much fun.

Here’s an article about some of the other things that some dogs have eaten, but well, their tastes were quite bizarre. WARNING: Just the thought of swallowing some of these things may give you the jimjams.


Ya kinda wonder how some of those dogs swallowed those things….Yowza. I hope the dog who ate the pennies used them towards his vet bill. Just looking at these photos had me on pins and needles. And the guy who ate the light bulb wasn’t too bright. I crack myself up sometimes.

Anyway, today I hope I get an extra bowl of food, more blueberries and a sirloin steak. Just for good measure! And I hope YOU can treat yourself to something yummy too! You’re allowed today!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Howdy blogaroos. Sad Squirmy here. Our guests are gone. It rained all day yesterday. Because of the COVID, we are in lockdown again…..Sigh….

OK. That was long enough time to be sad. I’m over it. We dogs have shorter lifespans than you humans, so we don’t have time to be sad for long!

That being said, I do have a rather “sad” topic today. And I’m afraid it has my name all over it. The topic? Jealousy.

So while we had our company, it became crystal clear that yours truly is a VERY jealous guy. My Enforcer knew I showed jealousy if she paid more attention to one of the other guys, but she hadn’t seen me in full-out J-mode with other people very much. But ooooo-eeeee. If Sue or Keith tried to pet one of the other guys, yours truly would literally jump over my compadres to get in close and to get the attention. Now I DO have manners when it comes to treats – and I wait patiently, knowing treat distribution is done by seniority (we have our own dog union- Branch K9). But when it comes to attention, all manner of decorum and turn-taking goes OUT the window. I must confess, I’m like a bulldozer.

So My Enforcer decided to research canine jealousy. She found this recent study that shows we dogs can even be jealous of a stuffed dog!


I wouldn’t necessarily be jealous of a fake dog – I mean I KNOW the difference between a stuffed canine and a real one. I would, though, probably try to rip his ears off. Now whether that’s jealousy- or the fact that I love to perform surgery on stuffed things is another story.

This article describes some possible solutions to jealousy. Although they don’t call our behaviors “jealousy” – they call it jealous-like. Yeah, I say a rose is a rose. And you can pee on both.


Now here’s a video with dogs demonstrating some jealous-like behaviors. The video isn’t perfect – some of the clips appear to have nothing to do with jealousy. But many do give a pretty good picture… I didn’t make it, I’m just sharing it.


I know that I do need to control my bulldozer behavior, but it’s hard. I saw this quote that kinda sums me up…. “I’m not the jealous type. But what’s mine is mine. End of story.” I know I’m a year old, but I’ll still blame it on puppy behavior. Plus I’m a pandemic puppy, so I should be given even MORE slack. I’m so smart.

Being jealous, as we’ve seen, can be a form of attention seeking. So let’s close this whole topic with a video that’s gone viral of one rather attention-seeking Bernese Mountain Dog. I like this guy!


At least I don’t do my attention seeking on National TV! Yet. One can dream…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Bye to our guests…

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy Wormy here. And it’s a sad day in Wormiville. Our company is going home to Nouveauland. Yes. The party is over.

They were here for almost 3 weeks. And that’s pretty miraculous because I’m sure by Day 2 they had had enough of me. But they persevered.

And what did I learn about having guests? OK – they weren’t really guests – they are family, but still, since they were visiting, so I’ll call them guests. Here’s my list about what I learned….

1. Some guests like to sleep in after 6AM. Really. I tried to be quiet in the morning so they could sleep. But Frodo didn’t care. He felt it was critical to sing his good morning song – and to encourage them to get up early and to make the most of the day. Who am I kidding? I sang along…

2. Guests do not REALLY appreciate you ricocheting off them. Although by the end of their stay I had trained them to turn sideways when they saw me coming. They got pretty good at it!

3. Guests do not really want you to take their shoes and run away with them. Especially outside.

4. It is easy to make guests laugh by running repeatedly around the dining room table while holding a toy and grunting like a pig. Some humans are easily entertained. And I LOVE entertaining.

5. If guests are athletic, you get to go for EXTRA walks. And you can help them work on their bicep muscles by pulling like crazy. Especially when you spot a deer before they do…

6. If you stare at guests long enough, they will pet you and sometimes will give you treats. Who can resist our longing, starving expressions?

7. If they work on projects, we canines make EXCELLENT supervisors. Unless the projects involve ladders, or sharp tools. Then we must supervise from the confines of our crate. At least I have to….

8. Guests prefer NOT to be bit while playing. They are not dogs. They don’t appreciate roughhousing. So carry a toy when you feel the need to bite a guest.

9. Guests can be taught to play fetch. Simply keep poking them with a fetch toy, and they’ll play!

We are going to miss Susan and Keith – LOTS. It was great having other humans to torment besides My Enforcer. Plus now My Enforcer will be telling US stories again. And we’ll have to listen and appear interested. We do hope they come back again – soon.

We wish them safe travels – and good luck catching that fairy. Yeah – I know that’s not how you spell it – but I like the image of catching a fairy better than catching a big boat.

Until they come back again, we’ll send them them off with big licks and waggy tails. And lots of love…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Museum Lover’s Day

Salutations blog readers. Frodo here today. It only makes sense that yours truly should be writing the blog today, on this – Museum Lover’s Day. Why should I be writing on a rather educationally based “holiday?” The alternative writer would be a dog whose primary interest is in running in circles or ricocheting off inanimate objects AND animate beings. The other dog would rather stare at nothing or eat grass than partake in a cultural activity. So I rest my case as to why I am the designated author today.

Given the current COVID restrictions in many places which do not allow museum visits, I thought that a few virtual options would be more apropos.

For anyone who loves canines, the obvious first choice in museums would be the American Museum of the Dog, now located (once again) in New York City. Relax and take a few minutes to do a virtual visit:


If you prefer to visit a museum that does not JUST feature canine art (I don’t know why, but some might), you may wish to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art – also in the Big Apple. I have done a search of dog paintings in that famous landmark, and have come up with a few hundred works. Now as you scroll through, you will note that the search yielded a few paintings without dogs. Their error. But the majority DO feature my canine cousins.


I must confess, I’m not a fan of the painting The Dog Killer, for obvious reasons. I prefer works like Baby with Rattle and Dog. I also enjoy many of the pastoral landscapes depicting us canines at work and play. And I was surprised to see the MANY religious paintings in which we appear. Take some time to scroll through the variety of works. I think you shall find it interesting.

I was able to search for dog paintings in the National Gallery in London, with over 100 results and I also searched the Louvre in Paris. Should you find interesting examples at a favorite museum, please feel free to share them. I’m a museum aficionado.

Meanwhile, here the humans continue to do home projects. As if the screen debacle wasn’t enough. Yesterday saw a plumbing “incident” that resulted in a geyser. The entertainment is ongoing. Yet despite the unique approaches toward some of their tasks, a number of projects have been completed successfully. Meanwhile , we canines watch and roll our eyes. Or try to help out…

The imp is particularly intrigued by all these projects. We didn’t include the photo where he had to be lifted out of the worksite because he refused to move….

Well we’ll see what they have planned for today. While I do virtual museum tours….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

Morning surprises

Hey bloggers. Elroy here. Finally I get to write something. The imp, also known as the DOC (Director of Chaos), is busy running around the dining room table. Making these weird medium pitched grunting sounds as he does so. He’s something else. One day we counted him going around more than 10 times. And then we lost count. We got dizzy just from watching him.

He and Her Highness and her sister took him for a walk on the golf course yesterday morning. They let him off leash for a short while, in the hopes that he would run off some energy. That guy would have to run to Vancouver, and he still wouldn’t be tired. For those not familiar with Canadian geography, Vancouver is clear across the country. Like almost 5800km. Or around 3600 miles. Anyway at one point, he disappeared into the trees. Her Highness called him and he didn’t immediately come. Which is surprisingly odd for him. She called again. No DOC. And just as she was about to walk toward the area where he disappeared, he raced out of the woods. Smiling. And with something very evident in his mouth. He was proudly racing toward Her Highness with his prize – a bright pink golf ball he found in the woods. Which he promptly deposited at her feet. He’s a smart DOC.

Meanwhile, yours truly had a surprise on the course the other morning as well. But in my case, I wasn’t off leash. I’m never off leash…

Anyway, Sue thought she saw something in the distance but it disappeared. She saw movement, but didn’t know what it was. We all kept walking. And then suddenly, behind a hill , two heads popped up…

She snapped the shot while Her Highness held onto yours truly with an iron grip. I was pretty intrigued. We watched them and they watched us for about 2 minutes. Then they took off in the woods. I would have been very interested to join them, if I wasn’t on a leash. Still – it was fun to see them.

So that’s the major news here from our morning constitutionals. We can now add deer to our growing list of wildlife which so far includes ducks, geese, porcupine, lots of birds including woodpeckers, and LOADS of bunnies. I want to rename our road Noah’s place. Get it? I crack myself up. OK. Gotta motor.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.


Hey hey hey everybody! Squirmy here! With another installment of dogs gone crazy. Welcome.

So. What’s new here? Oh. Oh. I know. A human project! You know those projects that you look at and say should take 30 minutes? And they are SO simple? But they end up involving three people, two trips to Home Depot, an assortment of tools and parts none of which exactly work for your project, and HOURS OF FRUSTRATION? Yup. That was our house on Thursday. And the project? The replacement of the screen in our patio door because yours truly took an already torn screen (that was made by other canines into a “dog door”) and TOTALLY shredded it so it looked like wire spaghetti. Now the original door renovation by “other dogs” was not totally bad as it actually flapped in and out and it DID keep the bugs out. But the handiwork, make that paw-diwork, of yours truly, left a screen that would essentially allow an eagle to fly in our house. Yup. I made a mess. And we know that the blackflies will soon be here – so we needed to fix the problem.

So. My Enforcer, Sue and Keith decided to replace the screen. A simple task. Right? Yeah not so much. One side of the screen frame came off the track and the other was STUCK. They pulled. They tugged. They used an assortment of tools to get the door off the track. They watched YouTube videos. Nothing worked. Meanwhile, the Boss and the Coyote just watched- while yours truly was sequestered in my crate. Probably because the combo of me and humans on ladders would not be a good idea. Anyway, at some point they got the door off. There was much rejoicing. They replaced the screen material and left part unattached so we canines would still have a dog door. How thoughtful of them. The Coyote decided to check it out before the door went back up.

But then they tried to get the thing back up. Well. The same part that would not come off in the beginning, would now not go on. After many interesting words- they basically propped the thing up partly in the track and gave up for the night.

The next morning, My Enforcer opened the glass door, not thinking about the precarious screen. Yours truly marched in and out before she could stop me. I pushed the screen material in and out – just the way it was intended. My Enforcer knew they needed to totally secure the door in track, but was happy to see me using it the way it was intended. Great. Except after about the 6th round trip, I decided to grab the screen material. She shouted “noooooo” as I attempted to take out a hunk of screen and again create my spaghetti screen art. Thankfully she stopped me before I did any damage and she sprayed that dreadful pepper spray stuff on the screen – the stuff that keeps me from chewing.

So we’re still waiting for the door to work right on the track. It won’t slide. So right now we canines can go in and out but the humans can’t. Not without bending over and going through the part that’s been left open for us dogs. How funny is THAT?

The other news is that today is National Purebred Dog Day. Now let me begin by saying that ANY dog can be a wonderful companion and family member and dogs in shelters deserve great homes too. There is nothing wrong with adopting. Just as there is nothing wrong with getting a well-bred purebred, and supporting heritage breeders. Here’s a link that talks about some of the benefits of living with a purebred dog….


That’s a great article from a personal view. And this article goes even more deeply into why purebred dogs are so very important, and why heritage breeding is critical in preventing the extinction of dog breeds:


So today we celebrate us purebreds. It is our day. Mind you, in this house, every day is our day. But today is extra special. Because we are real treasures. Even when we destroy screen doors….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe!