Bye to our guests…

Howdy blogaroos! Squirmy Wormy here. And it’s a sad day in Wormiville. Our company is going home to Nouveauland. Yes. The party is over.

They were here for almost 3 weeks. And that’s pretty miraculous because I’m sure by Day 2 they had had enough of me. But they persevered.

And what did I learn about having guests? OK – they weren’t really guests – they are family, but still, since they were visiting, so I’ll call them guests. Here’s my list about what I learned….

1. Some guests like to sleep in after 6AM. Really. I tried to be quiet in the morning so they could sleep. But Frodo didn’t care. He felt it was critical to sing his good morning song – and to encourage them to get up early and to make the most of the day. Who am I kidding? I sang along…

2. Guests do not REALLY appreciate you ricocheting off them. Although by the end of their stay I had trained them to turn sideways when they saw me coming. They got pretty good at it!

3. Guests do not really want you to take their shoes and run away with them. Especially outside.

4. It is easy to make guests laugh by running repeatedly around the dining room table while holding a toy and grunting like a pig. Some humans are easily entertained. And I LOVE entertaining.

5. If guests are athletic, you get to go for EXTRA walks. And you can help them work on their bicep muscles by pulling like crazy. Especially when you spot a deer before they do…

6. If you stare at guests long enough, they will pet you and sometimes will give you treats. Who can resist our longing, starving expressions?

7. If they work on projects, we canines make EXCELLENT supervisors. Unless the projects involve ladders, or sharp tools. Then we must supervise from the confines of our crate. At least I have to….

8. Guests prefer NOT to be bit while playing. They are not dogs. They don’t appreciate roughhousing. So carry a toy when you feel the need to bite a guest.

9. Guests can be taught to play fetch. Simply keep poking them with a fetch toy, and they’ll play!

We are going to miss Susan and Keith – LOTS. It was great having other humans to torment besides My Enforcer. Plus now My Enforcer will be telling US stories again. And we’ll have to listen and appear interested. We do hope they come back again – soon.

We wish them safe travels – and good luck catching that fairy. Yeah – I know that’s not how you spell it – but I like the image of catching a fairy better than catching a big boat.

Until they come back again, we’ll send them them off with big licks and waggy tails. And lots of love…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Bye to our guests…

  1. I am sure that your company had a wonderful visit with all of you. Maybe they will come back again next year when the weather is better and they can visit the wonderful beaches along south shore.



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