Museum Lover’s Day

Salutations blog readers. Frodo here today. It only makes sense that yours truly should be writing the blog today, on this – Museum Lover’s Day. Why should I be writing on a rather educationally based “holiday?” The alternative writer would be a dog whose primary interest is in running in circles or ricocheting off inanimate objects AND animate beings. The other dog would rather stare at nothing or eat grass than partake in a cultural activity. So I rest my case as to why I am the designated author today.

Given the current COVID restrictions in many places which do not allow museum visits, I thought that a few virtual options would be more apropos.

For anyone who loves canines, the obvious first choice in museums would be the American Museum of the Dog, now located (once again) in New York City. Relax and take a few minutes to do a virtual visit:

If you prefer to visit a museum that does not JUST feature canine art (I don’t know why, but some might), you may wish to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art – also in the Big Apple. I have done a search of dog paintings in that famous landmark, and have come up with a few hundred works. Now as you scroll through, you will note that the search yielded a few paintings without dogs. Their error. But the majority DO feature my canine cousins.!?q=dog&offset=0&perPage=100&sortBy=Relevance&material=Paintings

I must confess, I’m not a fan of the painting The Dog Killer, for obvious reasons. I prefer works like Baby with Rattle and Dog. I also enjoy many of the pastoral landscapes depicting us canines at work and play. And I was surprised to see the MANY religious paintings in which we appear. Take some time to scroll through the variety of works. I think you shall find it interesting.

I was able to search for dog paintings in the National Gallery in London, with over 100 results and I also searched the Louvre in Paris. Should you find interesting examples at a favorite museum, please feel free to share them. I’m a museum aficionado.

Meanwhile, here the humans continue to do home projects. As if the screen debacle wasn’t enough. Yesterday saw a plumbing “incident” that resulted in a geyser. The entertainment is ongoing. Yet despite the unique approaches toward some of their tasks, a number of projects have been completed successfully. Meanwhile , we canines watch and roll our eyes. Or try to help out…

The imp is particularly intrigued by all these projects. We didn’t include the photo where he had to be lifted out of the worksite because he refused to move….

Well we’ll see what they have planned for today. While I do virtual museum tours….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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