Morning surprises

Hey bloggers. Elroy here. Finally I get to write something. The imp, also known as the DOC (Director of Chaos), is busy running around the dining room table. Making these weird medium pitched grunting sounds as he does so. He’s something else. One day we counted him going around more than 10 times. And then we lost count. We got dizzy just from watching him.

He and Her Highness and her sister took him for a walk on the golf course yesterday morning. They let him off leash for a short while, in the hopes that he would run off some energy. That guy would have to run to Vancouver, and he still wouldn’t be tired. For those not familiar with Canadian geography, Vancouver is clear across the country. Like almost 5800km. Or around 3600 miles. Anyway at one point, he disappeared into the trees. Her Highness called him and he didn’t immediately come. Which is surprisingly odd for him. She called again. No DOC. And just as she was about to walk toward the area where he disappeared, he raced out of the woods. Smiling. And with something very evident in his mouth. He was proudly racing toward Her Highness with his prize – a bright pink golf ball he found in the woods. Which he promptly deposited at her feet. He’s a smart DOC.

Meanwhile, yours truly had a surprise on the course the other morning as well. But in my case, I wasn’t off leash. I’m never off leash…

Anyway, Sue thought she saw something in the distance but it disappeared. She saw movement, but didn’t know what it was. We all kept walking. And then suddenly, behind a hill , two heads popped up…

She snapped the shot while Her Highness held onto yours truly with an iron grip. I was pretty intrigued. We watched them and they watched us for about 2 minutes. Then they took off in the woods. I would have been very interested to join them, if I wasn’t on a leash. Still – it was fun to see them.

So that’s the major news here from our morning constitutionals. We can now add deer to our growing list of wildlife which so far includes ducks, geese, porcupine, lots of birds including woodpeckers, and LOADS of bunnies. I want to rename our road Noah’s place. Get it? I crack myself up. OK. Gotta motor.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Morning surprises

  1. We enjoy your posts very much and, like y’all, love to see critters on my walks. Not so fond of them tho, when grazing in our backyard (we live in Truro ).


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