Howdy blogaroos. Sad Squirmy here. Our guests are gone. It rained all day yesterday. Because of the COVID, we are in lockdown again…..Sigh….

OK. That was long enough time to be sad. I’m over it. We dogs have shorter lifespans than you humans, so we don’t have time to be sad for long!

That being said, I do have a rather “sad” topic today. And I’m afraid it has my name all over it. The topic? Jealousy.

So while we had our company, it became crystal clear that yours truly is a VERY jealous guy. My Enforcer knew I showed jealousy if she paid more attention to one of the other guys, but she hadn’t seen me in full-out J-mode with other people very much. But ooooo-eeeee. If Sue or Keith tried to pet one of the other guys, yours truly would literally jump over my compadres to get in close and to get the attention. Now I DO have manners when it comes to treats – and I wait patiently, knowing treat distribution is done by seniority (we have our own dog union- Branch K9). But when it comes to attention, all manner of decorum and turn-taking goes OUT the window. I must confess, I’m like a bulldozer.

So My Enforcer decided to research canine jealousy. She found this recent study that shows we dogs can even be jealous of a stuffed dog!

I wouldn’t necessarily be jealous of a fake dog – I mean I KNOW the difference between a stuffed canine and a real one. I would, though, probably try to rip his ears off. Now whether that’s jealousy- or the fact that I love to perform surgery on stuffed things is another story.

This article describes some possible solutions to jealousy. Although they don’t call our behaviors “jealousy” – they call it jealous-like. Yeah, I say a rose is a rose. And you can pee on both.

Now here’s a video with dogs demonstrating some jealous-like behaviors. The video isn’t perfect – some of the clips appear to have nothing to do with jealousy. But many do give a pretty good picture… I didn’t make it, I’m just sharing it.

I know that I do need to control my bulldozer behavior, but it’s hard. I saw this quote that kinda sums me up…. “I’m not the jealous type. But what’s mine is mine. End of story.” I know I’m a year old, but I’ll still blame it on puppy behavior. Plus I’m a pandemic puppy, so I should be given even MORE slack. I’m so smart.

Being jealous, as we’ve seen, can be a form of attention seeking. So let’s close this whole topic with a video that’s gone viral of one rather attention-seeking Bernese Mountain Dog. I like this guy!

At least I don’t do my attention seeking on National TV! Yet. One can dream…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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