Aroma therapy

Greetings readers. Frodo here on this the 23rd of April – which according to my calendar, is an occasion called World Book Night. It is, according to my sources, a day to encourage and inspire others to read more. Sounds like a brilliant idea.

I found this link to inspire you with a host of dog books. See how many you have read:

Her Highness refuses to read any books where the canine protagonist dies. She just cannot do it. I feel the same way when I read books about humans.

In other news, none of our guests has needed to visit an Emergency Room because of the imp. Yet. They are learning to hold their stance when the freight train is about to ricochet off of them. We have all enjoyed the extra walks we have had since they have been here.

Her Highness survived her COVID vaccine, and despite a sore arm, had no noticeable side effects. While that is good COVID news, our happy hamlet has had an increase in cases which is not good news. The uptick in cases has resulted in a significant lockdown in a variety of human activities. Again.

And speaking of ticks, the little parasitic arachnids have awakened from their winter slumber and are out in full force. The imp had a live bloodsucker crawling on his coat the other day, promoting a swift removal by Her Highness. The tick went to tick heaven, if there is such a place, after meeting his demise with a large mallet in the garage. I believe the word is overkill, but there is no question that the tick was dead.

Until Her Highness decides whether she is brave enough to give us one of the tick medications, we are all sporting bandannas when we go out, sprayed with a natural repellent. We all smell like walking citronella candles. So far, the aroma therapy appears to be working. Time will tell…

Speaking of walks, it is about that time. We must get our charges moving. Good thing they are not allergic to citronella…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Aroma therapy

  1. Well, I am sorry to hear about the ticks. Thanks for the warning. I must check Scamp and Rigger now. We were so lucky last year. I hope there are not too many this year but with all the deer and rabbits around, I’m sure they will appear soon enough. My daughter who live about a mile from us has found two so far this spring. Even one is too many. Stay safe!

    Glady Gates.



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