Hey blogees. Elroy here today to update you on our household news and to provide you with a history lesson. Yeah. I know when you hear history and academia, you don’t think of yours truly. But this is an interesting story – so I’m happy to share it.

First- news on the home front. Guests are still here – and yours truly actually has the official title of “good dog.” I know. I know. Hard to believe. But the Ricocheting Ranger has rightfully earned the “bad dog” title. It feels good to have passed that moniker on to him. He’s nutso. And I look like a saint. Lovin’ my new status.

All three of us canines actually went for a walk the other night – because we have three humans. I actually got to do some running – and didn’t pull my charge into the ditch. How cool was that?!

We’re getting lots of good exercise- and so are the humans. It’s a win-win all around.

In other news, today is the birthday of John Muir. Not the news anchor from ABC news – the OTHER John Muir. The guy who was a Scottish-American conservationist and naturalist – who co-founded the Sierra Club, and is called by some the “Father of the National Parks.” He lived from 1838-1914, and was an environmentalist who loved the wilderness and sought to preserve wild spaces. And that’s all nice, but what I found interesting was a story he wrote about an adventure in Alaska – with a dog. And the dog wasn’t even his! Here’s a summary of the story which is considered a true dog classic. I hope you’ll enjoy the story of Stickeen as much as we did. Sounds like Stickeen was one smart dog. Must have been part Picard. Stop laughing.

Today Her Highness goes to get her Rabies shot. Wait. The Boss said it’s not RABIES. It’s her first COVID shot. Thank goodness. Although she still has to wear a mask when she goes out, she can stop wearing it with us canines at home. Just kidding. That was my attempt at humor. I’m clearly hilarious.

OK. Time to take the humans for their walks. Hope y’all have a super duper day.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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