Hey blogaroos!!! Squirmy here. And guess what?! You give up! We have COMPANY!!!! My Enforcer’s sister, Susan and her beau, Keith are here!!!! All the way from Nouveauland. Wait. The Boss said I’m wrong. Make that Newfoundland. Close enough.

Anyway, they drove and saw mooses and drove and saw washed out roads and drove and took a fairy (I’m not sure how they caught one – but that’s what they said) and they drove some more. And they finally got here just after My Enforcer put the vacuum away. For the third time.

Wait. The Boss said I have some things wrong again. He said it’s not mooses. So it must be meese. It’s not mice. A moose is way bigger than a mouse. Plus the Coyote said that’s not the kind of fairy they caught. Like not like Tinkerbell. No. It’s a ferry boat. Good thing it wasn’t the Titanic.

Anyway, I gave them my big dog ferocious bark when they arrived. I was in my kennel, the Coyote was sequestered behind a gate in the bedroom- and get this- The Boss was FREE. I have a feeling that it MAY have something to do with behavior. I mean the Coyote does get excited and jumps on people when they first arrive. And I ricochet off them. So My Enforcer kept us sequestered just for while they were first coming in and bringing in their suitcases. After that they were fair game. Here the Coyote and I are tag teaming. He had jumped on Susan from behind and then I jumped on her lap. She was squished. It was great fun. For us anyway.

We really like having them here – and it has nothing to do with the fact that they brought us some super yummy treats. Yesterday, Susan went on the morning walks with us – and get this one – I went with the Coyote for a change. We got to show Susan how we both enjoy climbing on rocks. Note we are both on leash….

Then The Boss and I showed them around our property. Well – with My Enforcer. It’s not like they haven’t been here before – but it’s been awhile. We were off leash. We don’t run away. Usually. You’ll note the Coyote is not in the photo. Because he does run away. BUT he was left in the house with super yummy treats. I almost didn’t go for the walk….Treats or walk are a tough call.

Anyway, we love having them here – and we promise we’ll be on our best behavior. Well – the Boss and the Coyote promise. All bets are off with yours truly. I’ll TRY. But wildness is just who I am! They were kind of amazed to watch me do my laps around the dining room table. It kind of goes like this – do a lap, ricochet off a human, do a lap, ricochet off another human, do a lap, ricochet off the Coyote, do a lap, ricochet off a human, do a lap, jump over the Boss….(he doesn’t appreciate the ricochet moves), do another lap… You get the picture…

BUT I did go to rally class last night – and I was good! The only screw up (as usual) was because of my human. Go figure.

Well time to do my good morning song and get those guests moving. I’m sure they want to make the most of their vacation- and don’t REALLY want to sleep in after 6:15.

Let us know if you’re interested in staying with us in the future! We’re taking reservations. And we pay YOU!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Company!

  1. Thank you for the invitation to stay with all of you. I’d like to play with all three of you. It’s just that I am petite and if Squirmy were to ricochet off me, I’d most likely fall over lol.


  2. Oh My, you guys are sure making Susan and her man really welcome!!!! Please say HELLO to Susan for me. I hope they have a nice visit. Please don’t make they wish they never came! If you go to Peggy’s Cove, drop in to visit with my humans. Also, be careful at Peggy’s Cove. They have quite a mess going on down there. Sending woofs to all and a hug too.

    Scamp and Rigger Gates


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