Guess who is a year old?!

Hey hey hey blogaroos! Squirmy here! Happy Sunday! And happy April 25!! Which is a BIG day!!!! It’s my first birthday!!! Yippeeee! I’m a big boy now!

The other guys said I’m no longer a puppy. Although that’s somewhat debatable as I still ACT like a puppy. And believe it or not, I still come by the nickname Shaggy Shark quite honestly. Yup. I still haven’t grown out of my nipping and attack mode – which I have pretty much been doing since I was a little guy. The only difference now is that my teeth are less sharp….

So it’s been quite a year. I left my mother and moved to a whole other country! So I speak and understand both American and Canadian. I came to Canada’s Ocean Playground and met my two canine siblings – who tolerate my crazy behavior VERY well. And I’ve learned a lot from both of them. Frodo (The Boss) has taught me how to bark incessantly. He has also shown me how to get LOTS of treats when My Enforcer is trying to “train” me. Pretend you don’t understand. You get more treats that way. Elroy (The Coyote) has shown me how to watch birds, and bunnies and blowing leaves. He’s fun to play with and he’s pretty tolerant of my biting. Although he does let me know when he’s had enough. Even he has his limits.

What else have I learned… oh- if you sit and wait while your food is being served, you get it more quickly than if you jump around. I’ve learned how to behave in my rally classes – because that’s where you get the REALLY good treats. I’ve learned to play fetch and Find The Bunny – and I’m good at both. At least I think so. I’ve learned to come when called because you get really good treats. I’ve learned to attack the vacuum cleaner, and to hide when I see bags from the Dollar Store. Which usually mean some kind of weird attire. That being said, I AM following the Boss’s lead on posing. It’s an easy gig – look at the camera and you get a treat. I’m getting prettying good at it.

What else have I learned…oh – I’m good at countersurfing AND I can ricochet off inanimate objects as well as living beings like humans and other dogs. Now mind you, neither of these skills are highly rewarded. But still – I can do stuff. Oh. And I’m pretty easy to groom.

I still don’t lift my leg to pee, but I like to sniff pee -AND I have found that bunny balls are delectable.

I can escape from a crate with three latches – but I still haven’t figured out carabiners. Yet.

I’ll eat almost anything- but I’m still not fussy about lettuce. But new grass – that’s awesome!!!

I’m officially a Pandemic Puppy. That explains some of my wild behavior. At least that’s my excuse!

Oh … oh….and one more thing – I love to do Zoomies around the dining room table EVERY single morning. Because I wake up in a joyful mood each day – and I’m just SO excited to see what the day will hold! It’s a fun way to start the day!

So I’ve had a great first year. Thanks for reading about my adventures- I look forward to sharing more with you – hopefully for many years to come!! Here are some highlights from my first year!

Have a good one! Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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