Natural agility course

Yo. Blog readers. Elroy here. On an easy-going sunny Spring Friday.

Not a lot of exciting news around here. Other than our lawn excavation project. The imp and I are working on creating a lawn filled with booby traps. It all started when we saw a chipmunk go down a hole in the lawn. So of course we had to try to dig him out. Unsuccessfully. Then we decided to dig other holes – but those are randomly placed – just for fun. You should see the lawn…

The imp has 150% the energy that I do, but we do enjoy the same things. Her Highness is actually wondering whether the imp and I should be taking agility classes. It seems that both of us have started a new little routine on our morning walks. Neither of us is prompted or encouraged to do our new trick. And neither of us has seen the other do it – because we go for separate walks. So it’s not a case of monkey see – monkey do. I prefer to think it’s that great minds think alike. And you can stop laughing about the great minds part.

You see, when we go for our walks on the golf course, there is a particular pond/swampy area that is surrounded by giant rocks. And all the rocks are different shapes. But in the past few days, both of us have started this little game of running and jumping from rock to rock. Like a natural agility course! Sometimes I just stop and stand there – like in the photo. The imp loves doing it too – but he can be trusted off leash. Me? I’m tethered. Probably because I would end up in the water. Or off chasing bunnies. The little cottontails have almost changed in color from white back to brown. They’re kinda bold – probably because they know I’m on a leash. They literally run through the woods – parallel to us on the path. All the while I’m increasing Her Highness’ arm length..

Speaking of wildlife, something knocked over our green bin the other night. Actually twice in the past week. The first time Her Highness thought it was the wind. Which it might have been. But the second time – there was no wind. I hear stuff in the woods around the house and let out my best Cujo impression. Her Highness thinks it’s a bit early for bears – so she suspects raccoons. I think we need one of those night time cameras that are triggered by motion. Yup. We need one of those – and a GoPro to take footage of the Imp as he races around the house each morning when he is let out of his crate. I really don’t think you folks can TRULY appreciate what the whirlwind looks like racing around furniture, jumping over me and the Boss and ricocheting off walls, the front door and Her Highness. I’m not joking. At all. You all used to think I was crazy?! I don’t hold a candle to that blowtorch. Who would EVER believe I would be called “the good quiet boy.” I’m liking my new title! Just don’t let me off leash…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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