National No Housework Day

Greetings blog readers. Frodo here for your reading pleasure today.

We have all survived the dreaded rabbit ears and the dusty old pussywillows for our holiday photo shoots. While I do not mind taking photos, the Imp and the Beatnik make every photo-taking experience a memorable fiasco. If they are not refusing to sit still, or they are refusing to look at the camera, they are destroying the holiday props. The only ones who are happy at the end of each photo shoot are the Dollar Stores. They can thank us for an uptick in business whenever the holidays roll around.

Today, according to the crazy calendar, is something called National No Housework Day. A truly fitting holiday for anyone owned by a canine. Or two. Or three….

It is said that on this day, one should put off cleaning and organizing and should order in meals – so even cooking is not on the agenda. One is supposed to relax and spend the day carrying out fun and enjoyable tasks – rather than the drudgery involved in daily housework.

I think the idea of housework is rather a waste of time in dog households. How unrewarding it must be when one toils on hands and knees to wash the kitchen floor, only to have us canines walk in with muddy paws once the floor has dried. And yet humans continue to repeat the cleaning tasks, as if it will truly make a difference for more than a few moments. Kind of like slaving over a hot stove to prepare a scrumptious meal- only to see it disappear within minutes. Perhaps the joy is in the task itself? I’m not so sure Her Highness looks particularly joyful while cleaning the toilet.

And speaking of cleaning, I have a rather short but entertaining video to share with all of you. As you may recall, “Santa” granted Her Highness’ wish for a new vacuum at Christmas time. For some reason, we go through vacuum cleaners in this household like we do poop bags.

Her Highness requested a stick vacuum so as not to contend with cumbersome cords. And Santa was kind enough to bring her something called the Dyson Animal. This machine comes by its name quite honestly. In fact, the vacuum gets such a “warm” reception – like no other vacuum in this household before, that we canines are usually sequestered outdoors while vacuuming is being carried out. Here you will see why:

I will bark when the suction task begins and will then stop, but the other two stooges will continue their barking and semi- attack mode so that they must be removed from the war zone. And yours truly is forced to join them.

Her Highness is unsure as to why this particular machine elicits such a frenzied reaction. The machine does have a bit of a higher whirring sound, which may be the reason why it brings out such an animalistic response. One thing for certain- it is aptly named.

So today, put away the vacuum cleaner and don’t turn on the washing machine filled with dog-slime-covered clothing. Don’t wash those dishes in the sink, and simply step over those dust balls floating across the floor. Don’t bother to wash our olfactory art off the windows. Spend time with your dog(s). Play a game of fetch being careful not the throw the toy near any muddy spots. Have a second cup of coffee. Relax. Unwind. Breathe deeply. Inhale all that dust and dog hair….Don’t worry about the mess – trust me – it will be there tomorrow.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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