Dyngus Day

Hey hey hey everybody! Crank up the polka music, heat up those perogies, pour the vodka and get your pussywillows ready! It’s Dyngus Day!!!!!

If you’re a long time blog reader then you know all about Dyngus Day. But if you don’t- here’s a quick lesson. Dyngus Day (which sounds like ding-goose) is the Monday after Easter – and it’s a Polish celebration. It marks the end of Lent – where everybody lets loose after being good for 40 days. Not only is it a celebration in Poland, but many cities in North America celebrate the holiday too. In fact, My Enforcer’s hometown of Buffalo, NY is said to be the Dyngus Day Capital of the World. Check it out:


There’s lots of merrymaking associated with the holiday- and even some courting. Legend has it that after Lent, boys would flirt with girls by sprinkling them with water and by hitting their legs with pussywillows. Really. I didn’t make this up. And on Easter Tuesday, the girls would repay the gesture by throwing plates at the boys. Yup – a solemn holiday.

Anyway, today there are parades and gatherings- although they are toned down because of COVID. Last year they were canceled all together. I’m still not sure the gatherings will be QUITE the same as usual…..Still I’m thinking there will be some accordion playing going on – and the odd bottle of vodka will be opened. On St. Patrick’s Day they say everyone is Irish and on Dyngus Day everyone is Polish! I think it would be fun to go to the Dyngus Day celebrations in Buffalo. I mean being Polish and all. Plus I like kielbasa.

So, in honor of Dyngus Day, of course My Enforcer had to try and get some photos of us PONs with pussywillows. Here’s a shot of the French guy finding some…

Unfortunately My Enforcer didn’t have any clippers to cut them while they were out walking the other day. And since then, it’s been raining like crazy so they haven’t been back to that spot.

Soooooo….she had these old pussywillows in a container in the garage….The top photo is the best shot of many taken. The problem with old pussywillows is that they LOOK OK. Until you touch them. And then – well they self-destruct.

Here I am with kitty cat bits stuck on me and pieces all over…

Here I’m looking kind of stunned and the branches are looking kinda bare…Note my nice hairdo…

The sticks are looking really bad here…

This one is kinda cute – but you can see that those feline wonders aren’t so wonderful any more….

My Enforcer kept plying us with cheese but of course neither one of us wanted to stay in place. And every time we moved – kitty catastrophe. I kinda moved more than the Boss. Plus I was drooling for the cheese – so the bits were sticking to my face. And branches were breaking. That happens when you bite them.

Anyway I hope everyone has a Happy Dyngus Day wherever you live!!! And good luck with your pussywillows!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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