Because we know you like bloopers…

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy here. I’m excited to let you know that we all survived our bunny ears photo shoots. And oooooo-eeeeee- My Enforcer pulled out the GOOD stuff for these shots. Cheese. I don’t REALLY care what the treats are, but cheese does make me sit and stay a nanosecond longer. And the Coyote likes cheese – so he’ll sit and look slightly less miserable. Plus he doesn’t spit out cheese. Seriously- during these photo things if he isn’t happy (which is usually the case) he’ll spit out biscuits. And then I get to search for them.

The top photo was our best group shot. Although after it was all over and My Enforcer looked at the photos – she noted that The Boss and I don’t even look like we had baths the other day. But what did she expect- it’s been raining pretty much non-stop for the last day or two – and she’s just lucky some of the mud had come off our paws before this shoot.

Each of us did solo shots – you saw some of mine the other day. Here’s one of my favorites…

And the Coyote did manage to get a good one too…

Note he is not wearing the bunny ears. Because THIS is what happens with the ears…

It’s like he lost his favorite sheep….

Of course The Boss takes great photos…

But My Enforcer decided to get some fun shots with him… Here she told him to give her a goofy smile..

And I like this one. She told him to give her a suspicious look….

And then if course we have the classic wardrobe malfunction….

The group shots include me trying to make my ears fall off…..and I was successful. Note the happy Coyote…

Here the Coyote looks like he is about to cry….

Here I’m looking for the possibility that a tiny piece of cheese fell on the floor…

Here the Coyote decides he just won’t look at the camera anymore. Despite all the noises My Enforcer is making – including the incessant smushing sound of the plastic wrapper that the cheese is in…

And as usual, the Boss looks like he is photoshopped in.

So that’s it for this holiday round. Oh and those paper eggs used as props? Yeah – they don’t look like that anymore. Easter egg confetti. Good thing I’m cute…

Have a very Happy Easter.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Because we know you like bloopers…

  1. Thanks Boys Love your Easter wishes. Give your mon a hug for me. And a slurppy kiss or two

    Glady (Rigger and Scamp’s mom)



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