Orbisculate…and other weird words

Howdy blogaroos. Squirmy here. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and a sunny Sunday. Because we know that many humans have heliophilia- which means a love of the sun. Yup. My Enforcer and her friends are still doing a new word each day. So that was one of their words the other day. The Coyote is a real heliophile. He finds every sunny spot in the house, and that’s where he plants himself.

And speaking of plants – guess what My Enforcer and a good friend did the other day? Why they moved the garden boxes OUTSIDE our fenced area!!! While they were doing it, The Boss and I were sequestered in the house – but get this- The Coyote was allowed outside and got to watch the proceedings! At one point, My Enforcer kinda regretted her decision to leave him out there. He actually plopped himself down in one box and then attempted to dig in the soil. This photo was before he was really covered in soil- and in this shot you can’t REALLY see all the stuff on his face. He kept turning away because he didn’t want the photo evidence.

And then get this. She moved the boxes on the other side of the fence and far enough away that nobody could lift their legs and pee through the fence and onto the boxes. I still haven’t figured out the leg lifting thing – which My Enforcer thinks is just fine. Two dogs peeing on the BBQ is enough, she says….

Oh yeah – so today is something called “Good Deed Day.” I suppose it means I should behave – but no guarantees. Instead, I decided to do a good deed here – which has LITTLE to do with dogs. It’s about a word. And the word is orbisulate. What the heck is THAT you may wonder? It’s when you eat citrus fruit like grapefruit and it squirts you in the eye. Now we dogs shouldn’t eat grapefruit, but we can have a little bit of orange or lemon (as if we would want it) and it won’t kill us. But we shouldn’t really eat a lot in the line of citrus fruits in general as it could be tough on our stomachs.

So what’s the good deed? Well it seems some guy made up the word “orbisculate” – and now his family is trying to get the word in the dictionary. They need people to use the word, in order for it to be accepted as a real word. Here is their story:



Sharing their story is our Good Deed for today!

Anyway, I hope you heliophiles have a wonderful day and I hope your fruit doesn’t orbisculate. Don’t forget to do a good deed today. No deed is too small, if it’s something that someone else will appreciate. Like giving your dog an extra treat…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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