Good news stories

Howdy doody Squirmy Wormettes. Spring is HERE!!! It started yesterday. Right after the snowstorm we had on Friday. But not to worry – those tulips will soon be sticking their little heads out of the ground – all ready to be peed upon. The forecast looks great the next few days – warm enough to melt the snow and make a plashy backyard. Mud baths here we come!!!

Oh! Oh! Guess who was a good boy AGAIN?! I’ll give you a clue – his name starts in “W” and ends in “no-no.” That would be ME!!! Well you know how I didn’t take off after the bunnies the other day? Well. The other morning we were walking on the golf course and had just crossed the public trail. When – out of nowhere- a DOG appeared! He was closely followed by his two humans. Well. I froze. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. He didn’t come over to me but basically ran around us and went back to his humans. Now yours truly was not on a leash either. And My Enforcer figured she would be chasing after me – because she was SURE I would go to check out the dog and his humans. But guess WHAT?! I didn’t go!!!! I was frozen for a minute, but when My Enforcer called, I came right to her. How’s THAT for a good boy?! I did keep watching where they went, but I came along with My Enforcer and she gave me a fistful of treats for being so good. See?! I CAN be good. Sometimes.

In other news, here in Nova Scotia we had a great story about a homeless dog. It seems that there was this dog that had been spotted in this town running loose- and nobody could catch her. Well the next thing you know, she was spotted on the ice in the middle of a lake. Numerous people came together to rescue her, including two guys who wore a special suits and went out in a canoe to get her. Long story short – no one came foward to claim her at the shelter after her adventure on the ice (although plenty of people wanted to adopt her). But don’t worry – in the end – she DID get adopted. She has gone to live with one of the men who rescued her! His family had lost their dog who died suddenly just a month ago – and were very sad about that loss. So seemingly out of nowhere, this dog appeared. She needed them. And they needed her….

If you’d like to see a short video about it, you can watch it here:

I really like that story. We need good news like that sometimes.

OK. Time to walk. And tonight I go to school again! Break out the cheese strings!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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