A digger. And another oopsie.

Howdy blogaroos- Squirmy here. And I’m SO excited!!!!! Because guess what?!!! Somebody has been bad – and for a change – it wasn’t me!!!!

So as you may recall, My Enforcer has these boxes where she plants her vegetables each spring. Actually, she plants plants and HOPES for vegetables. Last year I thought it was great fun running through those boxes. And digging too. And really, I didn’t do too much damage as her “crops” were pretty dismal looking – even before I came along. At the end of the season she pulled out the dead plants and covered the soil in black gardening fabric. She placed rocks around the edges to hold down the fabric. That was pretty funny – because she no sooner made these lovely beds, when I jumped in and went crazy digging – sending rocks and garden fabric flying. So she tried again – and this time put lawn chairs on top of the beds. And that seemed to do the trick all winter. But – it is now spring…..

And SOMEBODY has been digging in the boxes again. He moved the chairs enough to dig around the edges. And he’s been eating something. Who knows WHAT is so delectable? Maybe a few rotten tomatoes buried in the soil? Maybe a neighborhood cat has been leaving surprises? But we do know who the culprit is – because he was caught in the act. More than once!!! Yup. The “good dog.” In the photo you can see dirt on his chin – and even on his tongue! And since HE is into this digging thing, you KNOW I had to join in!! And guess what? Even the Coyote has been inspecting our excavation work.

My Enforcer realizes that if she plans to put in a garden this year, she is going to have to put a fence around those boxes. Like the kind that people use to keep deer out. Except this will be for dogs. The alternative is to move the boxes out of our fenced area. Somewhere closer to the woods maybe – where the bunnies can eat the crop. It’s a bit of a dilemma. Don’t worry – we’ll help her figure it out!

In other news, I had another Rally class the other night. The teacher said I did really well – it’s my human who generally messes us up. But I’ll keep working with her. Yeah- the teacher said I was good, but she missed the part where My Enforcer went to pick up my leash after she had left me to walk the course, and as she bent over to pick it up, I jumped up, smacked my head into her face and gave her a fat lip. Thank goodness for masks – because no one could see my latest oopsie. She’s been looking on Amazon for those metal full body armor suits like knights used to wear. If anyone knows where we can get one, let us know. It needs the full face shield….

OK. Time for my walk. Apparently, the geese have returned – and My Enforcer spotted them on the golf course. I’m so busy running like a squirrel with his tail on fire that I didn’t even notice them. My Enforcer THOUGHT about pointing them out – but because she doesn’t know what I would do, AND she knows geese can get kinda nasty, she’s figuring that’s not a super good idea. She’ll keep me far away.

OK. Gotta go!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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