Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hey blogaroos! A quick St. Paddy’s day greeting!!!! Yup – the obligatory holiday photos. The trio shot above was the best we could get. And here are my best shots.

But I know you actually prefer the bloopers. We don’t have too many – but I kinda liked these.

Here we are warming up. I’m looking for treat crumbs. The Coyote is doing his best horrified look. And note who is ready for the photo shoot…

Here we have a sequence which you wouldn’t necessarily know if you looked only at the single shots. We start with both me and the Coyote hearing a sound to our left. Or we both pretended we heard a sound. We’re kinda looking at the camera. But not totally.

Now the Coyote really thinks he hears something. Or pretends to..

Now while it LOOKS like he’s looking at the camera, he’s still listening. For something.

Note whose position never changes. Ever. He looks like he is photoshopped in.

The guys told me this holiday is just a chance to get ready for Easter. They mentioned something about rabbit ears- but I have no idea what they mean. We’ll see..

But speaking of rabbit ears…….In other news- guess what I DIDN’T do yesterday?! OK you give up. It was actually a full-fledged-write-this-down-who’s-a-good-boy moment. We were walking on the golf course early in the morning and I was running free. And what did My Enforcer spot but TWO rabbits on the fairway. TWO. And I spotted them too. They took off. And I STARTED to chase them. BUT My Enforcer shouted out to me and said “Wojtek HERE.” And guess what? I didn’t chase the bunnies AND I came when called?! Yup. A miracle. So ya see? I CAN be good. Mind you, that was just shortly after I ricocheted off My Enforcer while we were walking. I just like to keep her guessing.

Any way – may you have the luck of the Irish today and may you find your pot of biscuits at the end of the rainbow! And may no dog pee on your four leaf clover.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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