Wild things

Howdy doody blogaroos. Squirmy Wormy No No Crash Test Smarty for your reading fun today. Yup – I’m a wild thing. But it seems that yours truly is not the ONLY wild dog in this house these days…

So My Enforcer is thinking that the time change AND the fact that spring is around the corner, is resulting in some REALLY wild behavior in this household. I mean beyond the normal level of insanity.

My ricocheting has reached a new level of crazy. And before you say “he needs more exercise” you need to know that I go for at least an hour long walk every morning during which I am running FREE. And I can cover a lot of ground! And when I come home, I rest for 5 minutes and I’m ready to go again. That’s my first walk of the day…

After I get my walk, the Boss gets his and finally, the Coyote gets his. And for the past two mornings, the Coyote has reportedly been kinda wild too. First he’ll suddenly, without ANY warning, hit the ground and will roll once. Just enough to get his long legs caught up in his leash. Then, he begins to pull with his teeth on the leash. He bites down so hard, My Enforcers thinks he is trying to chew his way though the leash.

Yesterday he managed to get loose while My Enforcer was trying to untangle him. He grabbed the leash handle and made a run for it. They were walking on the golf course (which is still closed) so he was no where near traffic. But ooooo-eee – that guy can cover a lot of ground when he takes off. And unlike me, he has no recall. I come a-running for lousy pieces of kibble. My Enforcer could be wearing a sirloin steak around her neck and when he is free, he could care less when she calls. So the only thing she could think to do was to run away from him in the hopes that he would chase her. Nah. He just watched her run and sat down to see how far she would go. When she started to go back towards him, he did his gazelle routine and took off further. This time she ran away and hid behind a tree. Think he came? Nah. When she stood there by her lonesome self for 30 seconds, she finally peeked out to see him lying on the grass, chewing on his leash. This time she shouted “DOWN” which was kinda crazy as he already WAS down. But then she shouted “GOOD BOY. Good down. Good for you. Stay down. Staaayyyyyy.” And she started to slowly approach him like some bird watcher not wanting to startle some rare bird that they have been waiting their entire life to see. She kept walking slowly and saying “Good down. Great down. Stay down.” And low and behold he did. She grabbed the leash and said a thank you prayer.

Yesterday My Enforcer tried to get the obligatory Saint Patrick’s Day photos with us guys. The Coyote looks like someone took away his favorite toy in every single picture. Meanwhile, getting yours truly to even sit was a challenge. And that’s without any head gear. She didn’t even attempt head gear photos with the three of us given how loco two of us have been lately. After the dismal trio shots, she made me sit alone for some shots with the shamrock head band. Clearly I’m not Irish because there was nothing lucky about doing that. At first I was pretty serious, but then I figured I had better smile – to make up for all my recent oopsies. Who am I kidding – I just cooperated for the treats. I looked pretty cute – stay tuned for my model shots.

Well time to go walking! This time change means we have to wait later for it to be light out. But that’s OK – we can go for a long walk after supper! Remember – a tired dog is a happy dog. Or is it, a tired dog is a happy owner….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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