Another oopsie

Hey blogaroos! I hope you’re reading this and your clock is correct!!! Last night we went to bed – and somehow lost an hour of time! Now, I happen to think sleep is overrated and since this means I get breakfast an hour earlier – I’m all for it! But really – where does that hour go? The Boss is hoping that was the hour he was going to be groomed. He’s got a lot of fuzzickies so it’s not going to be a pleasant experience for anybody.

I got my brushing by the one-handed groomer yesterday. Actually, she had to use both hands a little bit because she discovered some serious fuzzickies in some very awkward locations. I was very well behaved during my grooming. An absolute angel. Unfortunately my good behavior didn’t last too long….

Yesterday we were all given bully sticks while My Enforcer had some work to do. I was given a brand new one – which was 12” long. The Boss and the Coyote were given sticks that had previously been started on another day. Their sticks were 6-8” long. In an hour, I finished mine and the Boss finished his. But the Coyote had quit his. When I realized he had abandoned his, I decided I should eat that one too. HOWEVER, My Enforcer thought I had had enough. That resulted in a chase around the dining room table. She got out treats and tried to trade for the stick. But seriously, I wasn’t giving up my prize. I tbought this was a game – so I clamped my mouth shut. Well not completely, as the stick was still sticking out of my cheek. And here’s where being one handed is a real problem. For some unknown reason, my Enforcer stuck her finger in my mouth to pry it open. But not really a good plan with one hand. Because yours truly clamped down on the stick even harder. Except her finger was in the way…..

I made a pretty good puncture in her index finger. And then I swallowed the stick. Guess who didn’t get much supper last night. She said I was full of bully sticks – so that should be enough.

On a lighter note (I’m trying to deflect attention from my latest oopsie), today is Einstein’s birthday. Not the Einstein in this house – the original one – Albert the physicist. Did you know that Einstein loved animals? And he had a wire fox terrier named Chico Marx. Apparently Einstein used to get a lot of mail – and he said “The dog is very smart. He feels sorry for me because I receive so much mail. That’s why he tries to bite the mailman.” The guy was not only smart – but funny.

Tonight I go to my Rally class. I suppose I had better behave for class or I could end up like Major, living at a different address for “a while.” I just hope My Enforcer can dole out the treats – I mean she’s got a splint on her right hand and a bandaged finger on her left. Both are the results of my oopsies. Good thing I’m cute!!! And I do a good Einstein impersonation…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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