Major Trouble

Hey hey hey blogaroos! Squirmy Wormy Crash Test Smarty here to report on some Major trouble. And for a change – it’s not ME! I’m reporting on Major – one of the two dogs who call the White House home. Or they DID call it home – until they were “moved” to a new residence for “a while.” And why the move? Well it seems Major got a little too rambunctious with a guy in security- and well – it sounds like he kinda bit him. Oopsie! I’m not one to make ANY judgement about accidental injuries, but that didn’t seem like a very good idea.

According to several sources, Major is not the first First Dog to get a little nippy. Reportedly Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog, Sunny, nipped at a White House guest, and George W. Bush’s Scottie, Barney, nibbled at a reporter.

I guess I understand about being in the doghouse – and getting a timeout by having to leave the White House, but I feel sorry for Champ. He didn’t do anything- and he had to go too!!! That doesn’t seem fair.

Mind you, that whole “unfairness” thing happens here too. For example, when somebody comes to visit, all of us are sequestered on the deck or in the bedroom during the “arrival time”. And really, the Boss is good with guests (except for the incessant barking ) so he really doesn’t need to be sequestered. But it’s all for one and one for all. Whatever that means.

On a different note, yesterday My Enforcer had to get her hand rechecked at the hospital. It’s getting better but she still has to wear her splint most of the time for the next week. Then she can start going without it all the time. Unless she’s playing with yours truly. When she plays with me , she should be in a full body cast. Or at least armor. That’s what the doctor said. I wonder if he reads this blog…

Well it’s Friday and it’s also supposed to be a warm day with balmy temperatures near 13 Celsius or 55 Fahrenheit. Which also converts to a plashy yard. If you don’t know the word “plashy” it means marshy or wet. It was the “word for the day” between My Enforcer and two of her besties the other day. They find and exchange words 6/7 days each week. It’s strange the things that the COVID does to people who are distancing ….but it IS looking like the COVID is slowly getting better. Someday, humans may not have to wear muzzles any more!

Anyway, hope your Friday is fantastic! And may your floors be minimally muddy.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Major Trouble

  1. I love learning new words like “plashy”. So appropriate for the way our yard is as well. Isn’t it fun running through all that! I also know exactly what you mean when you wish us “minimally muddy” floors. I try but it is sooooo hard. Have a fantastic Friday!

    Cooper (a golden retriever from Ontario)


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