Sad news. Informative news. And just funny news.

Hey everybody! Squirmy here again. On this wonderful Wednesday. No new broken bones or cracked phones- so the week has been good so far.

Today’s blog is a mishmash of sad, happy and informative. Let’s start with the sad….

We learned the other day that a very pretty Picard by the name of Flicka, went to that place they call the Rainbow Bridge. Flicka would have turned 14 in June. And in her 13+ years – she packed in a LOT in her life. Her humans were forever traveling with her on adventures- and they have hundreds of beautiful photos showing her living her large life. Flicka even visited Nova Scotia (before my time) and came to our house! The Beatnik was completely smitten with her.

They even danced together…

She was a very lovely girl. I hear that every dog takes a special place in his/ her human’s heart. And some dogs take a special place in MANY peoples’ hearts. That was Flicka. Everybody who met her, liked her. We feel very sad for her family – but we know that they have many wonderful memories of a dog whose life was well lived..

It’s hard to write anything more after that story, but I’ll give it a try. I guess I’ll call this part the informative section.

I’m sure we’ve written a blog post on blueberries before, but this is just a good reminder. Blueberries, in case you didn’t know, are very good for us dogs. Here’s an older article which talks about blueberries and dogs.

We dogs get blueberries every day in our house. My Enforcer even had a little song she made up to sing while feeding us the tasty blue orbs. But she had to stop singing it because the Beatnik refused to eat them while she was singing. He prefers blueberry dining in silence. And he’s 50-50 on whether or not he really likes them. I always stand next to him because if he’s in a spit out mood, I grab the castoffs. Works for me.

And lastly I have a funny video. Check out this super smart Aussie.

Now I’m smart, but no way would I have done what he did. Seriously? If I could get into the drawer, I could perform magic. Every one of the treats would vanish into thin air. Forget about putting one back.

So that’s it for me today- that’s all I have. I wish you a Wonderful Wednesday.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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