Hey blogaroos. Squirmy here. With another episode of my large life.

Not a lot new here – except….something new on the decorative front. So we know all about the whole “creative carpet renovations” that the Coyote and I have done to the dining room carpet….Well I should say we did a long time ago, because since My Enforcer sprayed it with this toxic product meant for horses – our decorative juices have not been flowing. The main ingredient in the concoction is pepper. And oooo-eeeee- neither of us really care for it. So we have left the carpet alone.

However, we have a NEW decorative item in our abode. Which My Enforcer made…

During some recent bad weather, she decided to make a new project. She made something called a floor cloth. Except it’s not made of cloth. Go figure. It’s made of vinyl – and she painted it with a stencil. She did it in the garage – so we canines have not been allowed in there since this project began. It goes back to the whole “dogs and paint” issue. She didn’t want us walking over her newly painted “rug”. So to prevent paw prints and dog hair, we were banned. And even after it was painted, she put some coating on the top, and that had to dry for like forever. Well she finally dragged the 3 x 6’ thing into the kitchen yesterday, while we were all sequestered outside. We watched with great interest through the olfactory art on the deck door, shouting out our opinions as to placement of the new decor.

She placed it in front of the kitchen sink, and stood back to get a look before the decorating team would be let loose. Even with all her efforts to keep us away from her “masterpiece” she still did detect the odd dog hair in the varnish. Of course she did. There’s no place in this house that dog hair can’t reach. No matter how much she uses that new vacuum. The one that has this cool whirring sound, precipitating barking from ALL of us every time it’s used. Great fun. But I’m off topic…

So the door was opened and the troops raced in – with yours truly jumping right over The Boss to be the first one to see the new addition. Meanwhile, the Coyote sauntered in and didn’t even really care.

We immediately stood on it to test it out. Then we sniffed it and closely examined the paint job. We approved the colors and design. Grey. And beige. Like me. Which is perfect because it will hide my hair.

We actually didn’t pay much attention to the edges. Yet. They COULD look nice with a scalloped effect-but not right away. We’ll leave it like this for awhile anyway.

OK. Time for my morning walk about. Have a happy day. Oh. And if you need my decorating consulting, just let me know!

Oh …. ummm…. before I close….I should mention one last word on the hand debacle. I don’t really want to go into the details…. but let’s just say – it will be FINE!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!In a few short weeks. After the fracture heals…..Good thing I’m cute….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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