Blablabla SIT. Blablabla SIT.

Howdy blogaroos. It’s Nonobaddog here. That’s my latest name. Along with a couple I can’t write here.

Now don’t worry – I didn’t do anything REALLY bad in the last two days. Besides – the whole hand injury thing counts for my share of badness for at least a week. My Enforcer did end up going to the doctor – who ordered that she go for an X-ray. My Enforcer is 99% certain nothing is broken (based on her internet Googly medical degree) – but the doctor wanted to make sure. I’m hoping we hear something today so we can just leave this whole mistaken ricochet/stolen biscuit/smashed hand episode behind.

Since that unfortunate momentary lapse of sanity, I have been much better behaved. Mind you, the bar was set kinda low. For example, now when My Enforcer bends over to pick up our food dishes, I am no longer allowed to tackle her like a football linebacker. I must SIT and not move. I must sit and wait patiently for my crate door to be opened – instead of throwing myself against it while she is trying to undo the 5 carabiners necessary to secure it. I must sit when my leash is put on instead of ricocheting multiple times off the front door. I must sit and wait patiently while my food dish is being filled instead of leaping at and barking in the face of the Boss. I must sit and wait while My Enforcer is picking up poop instead of knocking her over so that she ends up with snow all over her pants – just like in the photo. Bottom line (pun intended) I’m doing a LOT of sitting. Blablabla sit. Blablabla sit. My new life…

So besides my sore butt, not much new around here. The snow melted a bit after some rain we had, revealing the expected “land mines.”

But hey – I found a cool story about a dog who does something I want to try. It’s a Shiba Inu – who paints! Check him out:

So like I want to do this. But My Enforcer said that putting me and paint in the same room wouldn’t be a good idea. She also said that I would likely try to chew the paint brush. I said just put paint on my feet. People do that with their dogs. Come on – wouldn’t that be fun?! All you readers who want to see me paint – let me know. I could be the next PONcasso – I know it!!!!

OK. Time for me to go and SIT and wait patiently by the door so I can go on my morning constitutional. AFTER I do 43 laps around the dining room table at breakneck speed. A guy’s gotta burn off energy somehow.

Yup. I’ll say it again. Good thing I’m cute.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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