Inner devil

Hey hey hey blogaroos!!!!! It’s me – Squirmy Wormy! On another marvelous Monday. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We got snow on Saturday- but yesterday was a perfect day with blue skies, white covered evergreens and yellow patches that mark the trail where we boys have gone.

Yesterday, My Enforcer began reviewing something called “impulse control” with me. Because I apparently have none. I have moments when I become totally out of control like I’m possessed. My Enforcer is thinking about bringing in an exorcist. She says my compulsive racing around and ricocheting off others is no longer considered appropriate. My Enforcer said I should be starting to mature – and I should be able to contain myself a bit more. Same thing with biting. I am now ignored when I attempt to nibble at clothing and skin – especially while I am also doing my leaping lizard routine.

The new world order began after an unfortunate little incident on Saturday when I attempted to ricochet off My Enforcer. I was kind of playing -and also attempting to grab a treat (which she was offering to the Boss) – and she wasn’t prepared for yours truly. As she attempted to step back and maintain her balance, she somehow bashed her hand full force into the door frame. Wham. She hit it HARD. She didn’t think much of it at first but in another minute or two it really started hurting. She put ice on it and wrapped it in a bandage.

Good thing she has lots of friends in the medical fields – doctors, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists – so she was able to get some good advice about what to do.

It was pretty sore and swollen yesterday- so she was being careful with it. It’s probably just a sprain, but if it doesn’t seem a bit better today, she might go for an X-ray.

Anyway – that whole fiasco precipitated my impulse control lesson. I did it with the Boss who has good control – so he was my model. My Enforcer would put a treat down – and I was not allowed to touch it. Now before you think this is something totally new for me I should explain that I DO have SOME impulse control. Like I patiently wait for the “free” command when I’m waiting for my meals.And I can wait while the bunny is hidden during our games- so that’s also control. I’m beginning to sit nicely when my leash is being put on – but that can take a few minutes. I get SO excited about going out. So I’m working on that control.

I have also learned control when taking photos. And I’m pretty good at that!!

I can also be a superstar when I’m doing my obedience training. But once training is over….I go crazy. Yup. I’m possessed. AND I’m a puppy. Let’s not forget that!!

The thing is – it’s impulse control AND the fact that I’m kinda going through my teenage stage. So I’m a BIT pushy. Both the Boss and the Beatnik have had to tell me off. My Enforcer said I need to learn better manners. She said I’m sometimes too smart for my own good. I’m not sure how one can be too smart – but I think I’ll take it as a compliment.

Anyway, the Boss said to go with the flow more. He said you get treats for doing nothing. You settle in your place – and you get treats. That seems like a pretty good deal.

So I’ll try my best to control my inner devil. But given that I still have two more months before my first birthday, I hope My Enforcer will be a BIT lenient. I promise not to cause her to sprain any more body parts. At least not today. Good thing I’m cute….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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