Picard rules

Greetings blog readers. Frodo here for your reading pleasure today. On a snowy Saturday. Yes, winter remains and I dare say it will be awhile before the snow will totally disappear. The annual snow melt is marked by the reappearance of a variety of dog toys currently buried in the yard. As well, the melt also results in the yearly “discovery of the poop.” Yes – Her Highness attempts to keep the yard clean by picking up and disposing of our mounds, but it is inevitable that some are missed – particularly during storms when they are consequently blanketed in snow. Only to reappear as a sure sign of Spring when the blanket melts.

Because we will no doubt be sequestered inside today, Her Highness will have to find ways to tackle our boredom. One way, which all of us know, is the raucous game of “find the bunny.” Or squirrel. Or lamb. Whatever stuffed toy has the least number of “surgical incisions.”

Now the imp and I enjoy a good game of “find it” and we race to find the toy as quickly as caninely possible. And the Beatnik also appears to enjoy it. Mind you, he plays much more slowly. He says he is methodical hunter. But some days, well he would rather not play at all. The following is a dialogue I overheard last week between Her Highness and the Beatnik when they went downstairs to play the game.

They went into a bedroom….

HH: Elroy sit. Elroy sit. Sit. Sit Elroy. Elroy please sit. OK if you’d rather lie down, so be it. Now STAY.

Elroy: Whatever.

She leaves him and goes to hide the lamb somewhere in the rec room. When the animal is hidden – she shouts to the Beatnik who is still in the bedroom

HH: OK Elroy free. Find the Lambie. OK free. Elroy. Elroy find the Lambie. ELROY !!!!

The Beatnik saunters down the hallway.

HH: Find the Lambie. Where is he? Where is he? Find him.

The Beatnik: Did you really lose the Lamb so quickly? You cannot remember where he is? OK – sure I’ll find him.

The Beatnik slowly makes his way around the room. Sniffing at the ground.

HH: Can ya speed it up even a little?

The Beatnik: Patience woman. I’m methodical. Hey. Where did you get this chair? Is this new? I like the color of it. Let me take a real look at this. It matches the sofa really well.


The Beatnik: Oh yeah. I’m supposed to be playing the game. Was it a bunny I’m supposed to be looking for?

He walks RIGHT past the lamb, who is hidden partly under a pillow on the sofa. He appears to look right at it, but continues in his search.

HH: Elroy. Elroy. FIND the Lambie.

The Beatnik: I’m looking.

The Beatnik continues to wander around the room. He starts heading for the bedroom where he had been sequestered.

HH: It CANNOT be in there! YOU were in there!

The Beatnik: Maybe he moved.

HH: He is in here!!! Find the Lambie

The Beatnik: If you know where he is, why do I have to find him?

Her Highness walks over to where the Lambie is partially hidden, and points to it.

The Beatnik: Cool. You found him. Good for you.

HH : Aaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Needless to say, his game playing did not last long that day. And as I stated earlier, some days he does enjoy playing. And he is successful. And other days – well he plays by “Picard rules.”. Which means – I’ll think about your request. And MAYBE I’ll play….

I can hardly wait to see which rules he will be playing by today….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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