How much would YOU pay…

Howdy do blogaroos. Squirmy here! Hoping your week is going great – and reminding you that just 30 more days until Spring officially begins!!!!! Sunshine, flowers, butterflies, ticks…I can’t wait!!!

Not much new here after all the rally stuff. So since things here are kinda stable (although two barrettes have gone missing and somebody will probably be pooping bits of plastic) I thought I could tell you about a cool news story!!!!

It’s about Kim- a Border Collie from Wales. She broke a record before her first birthday. Do you know what it was?! Fastest sheep herding dog? Nope. Dog who herded the most sheep? Nope. No – Kim holds the current world record for the most expensive Border Collie ever sold!!! And do you know how much a farmer paid for Kim? OK you give up. Kim sold for….drum roll…..£27,100. That’s about $37,500 US dollars and a million Canadian!!!! Just joking. It’s about $47,400 Canadian dollars! The man who trained her said she was sold at just under a year of age- because she’s super smart and can move cattle and sheep like a more experienced, older dog.

I think I’m in love with the smart, cute redhead. I have a crush on her after seeing her photo on-line, but I kinda think she’s too rich for me.

I wonder if My Enforcer would ever sell me if she could get that kind of money. Nah. I’m priceless. She wouldn’t sell me . Mind you- there have been days when she has said SHE would PAY somebody to TAKE me. But she was joking. I’m sure she was. She had to be… I’m adorable. And I don’t bite THAT hard…..

And speaking of crushes, check out this photo that My Enforcer took at the match the other day. This is Jerome. Better known as J-Rome. Now J-Rome doesn’t love all dogs. He tries to boss around the other dogs in his household including two Old English Sheepdogs. Who could squash him by sitting on him. But he doesn’t care. I think maybe he has a Napoleon Complex. Anyway, he kinda ignores or grumbles at most dogs. Except for one breed. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. He met one and fell in LOVE with her. And then, at the match – he spotted a different Cavalier across the room. And he was mesmerized. Here he is watching her do her entire rally run…

You could NOT break his attention. He was totally infatuated.

Meanwhile, rumor has it, a Borzoi girl had her sights on yours truly. And she is going to be in my class. Now THIS could be interesting. I’m kinda young for the dating scene – but if that Borzoi has good biscuits- well she’ll definitely get my attention. Because we know that the way to this guy’s heart is definitely through my stomach…..

So that’s the news for today. Have a thrilling Thursday!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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