Wrestling and a painting

Hey hey hey blogaroos! It’s wild and wooly Squirmy here for a terrific Tuesday! You’ll all be happy to know I’m feeling GREAT – and I’m thinking that my leg should be just fine in no time. In fact I’m feeling SO good – that My Enforcer is having a very hard time keeping me quiet. And I cannot be left with the Coyote for even 10 seconds before we start roughhousing and she has to break us up. One of us has to be in a crate while the other guy is free. We take turns. It’s because we play hard. I mean really HARD. And My Enforcer doesn’t want me to injure myself further. Our house is like a rotating prison right now. I think everybody in a 5km radius could hear her shouting at us to “break it up” at one point yesterday. And we weren’t even outside. That’s when the official prison sentencing began.

I’ve had frozen Kongs, bully sticks and have used my snuffle mat to keep me occupied. But I’d rather run. And jump. And ricochet off others. I can be free with The Boss – because all we do is lick each other. And make each other’s ears gooky. But we don’t wrestle. Like I do with the Coyote. If I’m in the crate, he squeaks. If he’s in the crate, he squeaks. So all day long it’s like listening to a door that needs oiling. My Enforcer is thinking about getting ear plugs.

Hey! Guess what came in the mail the other day?! Ok you give up! A portrait of moi!!!!! Check it out:

My Enforcer had it done by an artist by the name of Lee Ann Shepard. She’s a canine artist and you can buy prints of her work here:



Lee Ann also does commissions and My Enforcer had puppy paintings done of Paxton, Frodo, Viktor and Elroy- so I HAD to join the crew!!!!

I think she did a great job of capturing my wild spirit! My Enforcer is a big fan of Lee Ann’s art.

Today My Enforcer has a totally free day – but something tells me she may leave us for a while, just to get away from the squeaking. And me pounding on my crate to get out. Funny – when she’s gone, we just fall asleep- no pounding or squeaking – and she knows that because she can see us on Big Brother. But when she’s home….insanity reigns. Good thing she loves us….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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