Another update

Hey everybody! It’s me! Squirmy! Also known as Crash Test Smarty. Because I’m no dummy.

So on Friday I was supposed to go and see Liz – the therapist that the Coyote saw. Unfortunately, we had lots of snow so my appointment was rearranged for yesterday. So off we went – in the morning.

I should start off by saying I’m feeling much better. I still limp a little, but not as much as the other day. If left to my own devices, I would race and jump around like nothing ever happened!

When I went in to see Liz, I was shy for like 5 seconds. Maybe less than that. Once she gave me a treat, she was my best friend on the planet.

My Enforcer had been concerned that I wouldn’t stand or sit or lie still long enough for a good exam and a massage. But she took good treats – and honestly, I was an excellent patient if I do say so myself. Liz prodded and probed and stretched and massaged my muscles.

She thought the problem area was my knee -but even with all her probing, it was evident I wasn’t in a lot of pain. Which was a good thing. She said that at worst, I could possibly have a small tear – but from what she was seeing, she felt it was unlikely that it would require any kind of surgery. She said to still keep my appointment with my vet on the 9th, but she will see me on the 30th to see how things are coming along. It’s very possible that I have a sprain, and no tear to the ligament at all.

I’m still not allowed to go racing around – which is killing both me and My Enforcer. I’m getting lots of frozen Kongs and bully sticks. The Coyote just lies outside my crate and squeaks. He misses humping me. And I miss humping him. But we have to wait until I’m 100%. I’m not a patient guy.

So all in all – it was good news. My Enforcer was quite relieved to know that I should be back to normal in no time. Well I guess “normal” is a bit of a stretch for me. Ricocheting off humans, dogs and cupboards is probably not the behavior of a “normal” dog. But admit it – that’s what makes me so unique. And lovable….Sometimes. Normal is overrated anyway.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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