Squirmy update

Howdy blogees. Elroy here today. Since I’m the most laid back dude in the household, I get to write the blog today. Everyone else seems to be in a tizzy – so I’m the designated writer. Go figure.

So let’s begin with the news that everyone wants to know. About the Squirmy thing. Well. It’s complicated. He’s still limping. But he’s clearly not in a LOT of pain because Her Highness can examine him all over, and he isn’t sensitive at all. No swelling of his leg at all. She sent a video of him to numerous people including Liz (my previous therapist); a dear friend’s husband who is a human physiotherapist ; our vet; and another good friend who breeds Bernese. And the consensus is…..it’s probably his knee – but unlikely to be a complete ligament tear. He’s using it too much for a complete tear. He has an appointment with Liz today which is excellent – because- get this- he can’t get in to see the vet until February 9th!!! Because he IS using it and does not appear to be in great pain the vet didn’t deem it an emergency- so they have to wait for her next available appointment. Which is the 9th. And in the meantime….well Her Highness is actually looking for a new vet clinic…..that’s another story….

While the Squirmster is out of commission, I got to fill in for him. He was supposed to go on a social walk with his buddy Tup again, but of course couldn’t go. So yours truly went with Tup – and his housemate, Ila. We walked for like 2 hours on a cool trail. Those guys were well behaved enough to walk off leash. Yeah – not me. I’ll probably never be off leash – except in our backyard. But I had a grand time-.and only tried to hump each of them once. That behavior was not appreciated by either of them. OK. OK. Probably not one of my more charming moves. But I did learn not to try it again. Those spunky Shelties put me in my place! Lesson learned. Oh and the photo? Her Highness cropped out the post that I was tied to. The words “flight risk” should appear under my photo….But as I said earlier, I DID walk along well ( except for those minor humping things) – and didn’t attempt to rip her rotator cuff- so it was a very good walk.

So fingers and paws crossed that the Sqirmster makes out well today. I really liked Liz – and Her Highness is so grateful that she squeezed them in today. She has TONS of orthopedic experience- so we’ll see what she recommends. When Her Highness contacted her yesterday- Liz did say not to PANIC. And to just sit down and have a glass of wine. That recommendation was not hard to swallow. Hey. I think I just made a joke. Who says only PONs have a sense of humor?!

Keep the Squirm in your thoughts and send him good virtual vibes. He and Her Highness BOTH need them.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up.

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