Good news. Bad news.

Hey everybody. Squirmy here. I hope everyone is having a Thankful Thursday. And that’s after a Wondrous Wednesday. Yesterday was QUITE a day in the United States – and given that My Enforcer and I have American roots because we were both born there, we watched the proceeding with great interest.

Now I’m not a political kinda guy. And ooooo-eeeeee I know some two leggeds can sure get riled up about politics. Worse than arguing over the last biscuit in the jar. But no matter what you think about the outgoing President and the new dog-owning incoming President, the takeaway message yesterday was UNITY. Two leggeds are entitled to differences of opinions and different beliefs about policies – but underneath it all- they have to remember the importance of unity – and working toward happy lives for all individuals. At least that’s my peanut brain opinion.

So that was the good news yesterday. Unfortunately, we had some bad news too. I hurt myself. I was running down the stairs from the deck – even though My Enforcer warned me to slow down. But I couldn’t because I saw she had our fetch toys in her hand. So I turned around to see how fast she was coming and my back leg slipped between the stairs. They are open stairs. Anyway I pulled myself free – and ran down the last two steps but I wouldn’t put weight on my back leg. I didn’t squeak or squeal – but I was obviously lame. And while I didn’t squeak or squeal, My Enforcer did. She told me to stay put while she went back up the stairs, to go around inside and open the lower deck door to bring me in. Of course I didn’t stay put and I hightailed it (somehow) up the stairs. I jumped on her- but when I was walking, it was obvious I was favoring that back leg. She put me in my crate to get me to settle down. And I did. But when supper time came I still insisted on bursting out of my crate- despite her grabbing me by my collar. I only know one speed. It’s high.

We’re just getting rolling here – and it’s early – so keep your paws crossed that it’s better today. My Enforcer really needs to date a veterinarian. That would be her perfect match. And speaking of that – the last potential on-line dating guy (who actually owned a dog) – well let’s just say the date matching algorithm must have been broken. Dog ownership was their ONLY commonality. I say she should stop wasting her time. She already HAS three guys who adore her. Sure, some guy from on-line dating probably wouldn’t pee on her barbecue, or eat her gloves – but he wouldn’t be NEARLY as excited to see her when she comes out of the bathroom. I think she’s starting to think the same way.

Anyway – paws crossed for a lame-free day…

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

One thought on “Good news. Bad news.

  1. OH MY, You and Rigger must be related. He has been limping on his right front leg for two days. I can’t seem to find out what is wrong with it but he has a hard time to lift his hind leg to pee having to put his front leg down. May you could both trade legs for a few days to see if some magic would occur. OH, BTW, say hello to your enforcer for me. Its been such a long time since I saw her.

    Love, Scamp and Rigger’s mom



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