Drink up!

Hey blogaroos!!!!! It’s me – Squirmy Wormy! Yee haw I am feeling good. So good that My Enforcer is trying to get me drunk so I’ll fall asleep!!!! Not much chance of THAT!

But she DID give me and the boys a drink of beer the other day. Dog beer. Really. It’s beer for dogs. Made here in Nova Scotia!!! But don’t worry – it’s non-alcoholic. It’s basically made of bone broth, apples, carrots and some other yummy meaty ingredients. Well – let me tell you- when My Enforcer added it to our supper – we ALL slurped it down – even the Picky Picard!!! I think My Enforcer needs to get more cans – so we can properly celebrate the Boss’s birthday tomorrow. She can even get a can for herself. Tee hee. Something tells me she’s not into the bone broth beer variety….

Meanwhile, she is doing everything in her power to keep me and the Coyote from wrestling. Sometimes she thinks maybe we’re relaxed enough not to bother each other. Wrongo. We begin by attempting to bite each other’s feet and the next think you know – it’s a full on hump-a-thon. At which point, one of us is jailed. Then the squeaking Coyote begins his tune. No wonder her blood pressure is high.

Yesterday she needed to get out of the prison so she left us for about an hour. I was in my crate. All safe and secure. She came home all happy and glad to see us – and the feeling was mutual. Before she let me out of my cell, she went to wash her hands. And there was a piece of paper towel on the edge of the counter. Odd – she thought. And then she remembered what was in the paper towel that was supposed to go in the recycling bin outside. Half a black banana. When she had peeled it in the morning, it was pretty mushy – but the Boss and I still got a little piece. The rest was supposed to go out. No need to worry about that now. Somebody ate it. Now I couldn’t be a suspect as I was in my crate. And the Picky Picard doesn’t like bananas. So by process of elimination, it looks like the Boss ate it. Peel and all. I heard Viktor ate two one time. So paws crossed that it slips right through…. I’m so funny.

Anyway, have to get the party preparations ready for tomorrow. The Boss has a big day. Hopefully he’ll share any treats with his poor starving brothers….. I just want the beer.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

3 thoughts on “Drink up!

  1. Hey, it’s me Einstein! Thank you for trying my FETCH Pale Ale and sharing your experience with your fans. I wish you many more tail wagging beers and a very Happy Birthday 🎂 my gritty friend 🐾🍺


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