Take a licking

Greetings blog readers. Frodo today for your literary pleasure. Today I bring you a product review – and a story that illustrates the fact that we PONs have extremely good memories. Which may not be a good thing.

First the review. Her Highness is continually on the outlook for toys and chew things that will occupy our time – particularly during these COVID times – where she seems to spend an inordinate amount of time chatting with friends and family on the phone and on video calls. The imp has learned that when such calls begin, and she is comfortably seated in the DFZ, there are two things to do. A. Bark or B. Throw around a metal food bowl so Her Highness cannot hear her caller(s). If she knows she will be on a particularly long call, she may give us a frozen Kong or a Bully Stick to keep us occupied . And they work fine – but she is always exploring other options. So she decided to purchase these Lick Mats.

You basically smear the mats with something like peanut butter, and we canines must lick them clean.

She decided to test them out the day they came in. She applied the peanut butter and we PONs got the orange versions, while the Picky Picard got the green one.

All of us found them quite interesting – and fun. Her Highness had not applied a great deal of PB – she just wanted to see if we would like them. And we obviously did – working hard to clean them off. Of course the imp finished his first, and the Picard had cleaned up most of his- so walked away from it. The imp saw this as the perfect opportunity to steal the green one for himself – and to clean it up completely. He dashed under the table with his newfound prize and was licking away. However, “patience” is not a word used to describe the imp. He decided it would be faster to simply eat the mat in order to clean off all the PB. Her Highness saw him, just as he ripped off a corner of the green mat. She shouted at him as he raced around the dining room table- finally bribing him with a treat in order to get the brand new mat with the missing corner. And of course, the corner was gone….no remnants remained.

But before I continue the next part of the story, I will say that the mats DID occupy our time. Apparently one can purchase versions with a suction cup – to attach the mat to a wall like in a shower for use during bath time. Her Highness knows someone whose dog gets nervous at the vet – so it’s used during physical exams. I give it 5 paws – but with the warning that it cannot be left with dogs who chew things. Like the imp.

So back to his story. The size of the missing piece was about 1×2”. But the big question was weather it would “pass “ through the digestive tract. It IS soft, flexible plastic – BUT Her Highness was still worried. So. She pulled out her hydrogen peroxide and took the imp into the garage…

Now Her Highness has had indiscriminate eaters in the past and some were introduced to hydrogen peroxide more than once. The Lab and one Bernese knew the drill well. BUT they were not PONs. The imp saw/smelled the hydrogen peroxide and clamped his mouth shut. He had NOT forgotten his previous experience. Any attempt to open his mouth was met with a head moving side to side. And a bucking bronco routine. Within minutes, both Her Highness and the imp were wearing hydrogen peroxide. Even when she attempted to put peanut butter on the end of the syringe, he did not fall for that ploy. After 15 minutes of begging, instructing, and wrestling she finally conceded defeat. Both of them were soaked in hydrogen peroxide and little if any had been ingested. She crossed her fingers that the pliable piece would pass.

The poopology exam the next day was negative for the large piece. However, she did see a tiny piece of green – so hoped to see more in future samples.

But she didn’t have to wait long….Yesterday morning , while she was lying in bed waiting for the sunrise, she heard that sound which is more effective than any alarm clock. The urcky gurcky sound. The one we dogs make before we barf. She threw on the lights and sure enough – it was the imp who was about to toss his biscuits. And he did. And GUESS what came up? Yup. The green piece from the lick mat. Hallelujah.

We didn’t get the lick mats yesterday, but we WILL get them again. And as I said, when used PROPERLY, they ARE a cool device to keep us canines busy. They were safe and effective for 66% of dogs. In our household. The question is whether the PON with the good memory will remember not to attempt to chew it. Not to worry – it will be located right next to Her Highness while he’s using it. SHE took a licking the other day too….

Have a good one. Peace and paws up. Stay safe.

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